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Three Hearts

This week I went on a ‘Relax and Write’ writer’s weekend at Gladstone’s library, where Alison Chisholm gave us writing tasks. For one task she dealt out a pack of cards and each of us took one card. I had the three of hearts and this is the light-hearted (sorry about the pun) poem I wrote from that prompt.

Three Hearts

She loved him with her simpering heart,
and sent him gifts and money.
She phoned him in the dark small hours,
and called him, ‘dear, sweet honey’.

He loved the man who made his suits;
the gentle voice entranced.
He loved the skill the man displayed
and even how he danced.

The tailor loved his Labrador,
and gave his heart completely.
She was his life, his everything.
She begged for food so sweetly.

This triangle of hoping hearts
fluttered on throughout the year.
Love flowed and ebbed its complex path,
showing neither favour or fear.

Comments on: "Three Hearts" (4)

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, absolutely charming; and the rhyming struck just the right balance, effective but never obvious or contrived. My compliments…

  2. Many thanks Paul. I love poetry.

  3. In December 2007 I started writing poetry, as a bit of an experiment. In less than three years I wrote 700+ poems. As you will already know, I have since drifted, or is it moved on, to short stories and novels. Anyway, I digress.
    I’ve never had lessons in poetry, but I know what I like, and I like this piece. It’s simple in format, in meaning, and is pleasant to read. What more could you want?
    I don’t write poetry any more, and I rarely read it, but I do appreciate it when I find my type of writing; which this is.

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