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New writing coming soon

I am hoping to post some new writing within the next week. I have plans to share a writing task and to start writing another children’s book.

I have been editing my debut novel and it’s nearly finished. Exciting news is that my brother-in-law is doing the cover for me. He’s a wonderful artist. I’ve had a preview look at the painting and it’s so good. I can’t wait until it’s finished.

I wrote a poem last week, for this blog but it was so emotional I decided it was too personal. I don’t want to depress my readers, so watch this space for new writing coming soon.

The Witch’s Pockets

‘Empty your pockets,’ commanded the Goblin.
So she shoved her hands into them deep;
then she turned the bright sunlight that shone in his eyes,
into a long, icy night’s sleep.

She took out a humbug, made of rats’ tails,
to sooth her sore cackling throat;
then in his dreams she showed him her spell book
and her best moth-wing long coat.

Her boomerang star she threw to the sky,
and caressed her spare twigs for her broom.
Sneezing the magic dust into the air;
her light globe lit up the room.

‘My pockets are deep for my cloak is so long.
How much more would you like to see?
I could show you an eye-ball or a child’s smile
or could wake you, to ladybird tea.’

A star bumps his head and the Goblin awakes.
Laughing eyes stare into his own.
He blows out the globe and flies to the moon
to ponder the sights he’s been shown.

This was a writing task set by Liz Picken: to write a poem based on a list.- things you might find in a witch’s pocket.

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