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Tom Benson has written a blog about resource ideas for writers. You can take a look at the post here
The idea is that we all add our favourite resources in the comments. In this way there’ll be lots of writing resources available to us all. Why not take a look?

Comments on: "Resource Ideas for Writers" (6)

  1. Have already seen it. It’s a great initiative, the sentiments of which I whole heartedly endorse. Am pleased others feel similarly..

  2. Thank you Penny, the re-blog idea is a wonderful way of getting our act together. Should I mention I’m now following you? Yes, I suppose I should. I’m now following you. LOL.

  3. Hello again Penny. Further to the blog post, I have now actually spent time on the project and it has reached the next stage.
    I’ve constructed a menu ‘Resources for Writers’, to list the various external links that I had listed on my Blogroll.
    In the books section so far, I’ve listed my own favourites, so the next stage will be to make time to list the publications that were kindly suggested by all you guys out in blog-land.
    I don’t know if you’ve tried checking out any of the participants in the A to Z Challenge, but if you do, you will not be disappointed; there is some great stuff out there.

    • Thank you Tom. I shall pop over to your site in the next few days and have a good read. (Houseful of family staying at the moment. )
      I look forward to it.

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