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Holes: An Indie Author Anthology

holes1A group of  online indie authors got together to produce a book of short stories on the theme of ‘Holes’. This is the result.  The stories within the book are as follows:

A twisted story about innocence and revenge.
A young woman racing for her life and her love against the age of clockworks.
A man who lost his life in a traffic accident and discovers the afterlife is being stuck in a classroom.
A young African schoolteacher who tackles a band of ruthless, marauding terrorists.
A Russian mobster who made a deal and thought he’d found a loophole to get out of it.
A cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for…you just may get it.
A place where life disappears to when you’re not watching.
A question about whether we are really the dominant species and masters of our own future.
A reader-interactive comedy of errors.
An anomalous client demanding something written from the soul, a soul he is threatening to take
An Inspector Winsford murder mystery.
A legacy gift that just goes on giving.
Slapstick comedy with a touch of British buffoonery
A pretty tease who toys with her theology professor until dark revelations stop her in her tracks.

My story is  The Inspector Winsford murder mystery. There are other Winsford mysteries brewing but I’m glad to have the opportunity to publish this one.

The idea behind this book was to produce a platform for us to promote our work to more readers, even though we’ve never met each other. As you can see from the stories above there is a wide range of genre and it’s a great way for you to get to know some new authors.

The book is available free from some outlets. At the moment it is £0.99 from Amazon UK and $1.52 on

Here’s a link to the Amazon site. At the moment it’s available as an ebook but it may be available as a hardback in future. So if you enjoy varied short stories why not give ‘Holes’ a read. I hope you enjoy it.


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