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Penny 7 I’m writing this blog to share some of my writing. You’ll find stories, poems, reviews and updates on my books. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Do leave comments and I’ll try and reply.

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you're not alone coverYou’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology: Reviews Links and Excerpts, Part 2 – 100% of Proceeds to Charity

(from product page description) : An international group of indie authors, inspired by the personal grief of one, decided to collaborate in the spring of 2015 in a project to create this multi-genre smorgasbord of original short stories, all with the same potent theme – relationships. Some are heartfelt, some funny, some poignant, and some are just a little bit scary – much like relationships themselves. All are by authors fired by the shared enthusiasm to give something back in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Cancer touches us all. It has in some way affected those who have contributed their time and talent here. This is our way of showing that we care.

100% of the royalties earned or accrued in the purchase of this book, in all formats, will go…

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Vrail front kindle The Truth Finder is free on Amazon Kindle from Friday 13 November 2015 until Sunday 15 November (inc). You can download it here for the U.K. and here for the U.S.A.
It’s the story of Vrail who can read minds. He is sent out to find the truth when people commit crimes. The story is set in the 5th millennium, but life has not progressed as you might think.
All my books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. If you prefer to read a paperback version, The Truth Finder is £6.99 in the U.K. and $9.15 in U.S.A.

Here’s one of the reviews on Amazon and there are a number of others to choose from.
5.0 out of 5 stars The Truth Finder.
By Mariaon 12 March 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
4.5 rounded to 5.
I really enjoyed this YA fantasy. I thought the tone and writing was perfect for the age group targeted, it was a great story with interesting characters.
I especially liked that although it was set in the future and there had been disastrous wars making areas of earth inhabitable, it was not too bleak with people living as savages, like many other books in this genre. Humanity and civilisation survives. There are schools and employment in the new cities and the farmers work with scientists to increase yields on the land that can still be farmed. There are tyrants but people try to get on with everyday life.
A lot of thought went into creating this “future” world and events appeared logical within it. There were a couple of little touches I particularly liked, especially as they were referred to without over labouring the point –
The ‘visualisers’ were forced by the government to create the illusion that the city was far smarter than it was and to hide the derelict, run down buildings.
Most people thought the ‘life device’ they wore was a good thing as it did things like detect illnesses early on. A few thought they went against civil liberties.
The central character, Vrail was believable and likeable as he struggled with his gift of being a truth finder and works out the best way to use his power for good. He was a loyal,brave and thoughtful character with a supportive group of friends.
The writing is straightforward with clarity. The story is entertaining and complete but also introduces a range of characters, giving the author plenty of scope to make this into a series.
An enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series being released.

Last few hours FREE #IASD

51lOMDj1yeL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_ There’s a few more hours of my children’s books being free on Amazon kindle. You can download The Green Book here .

41lXtm+NfQL._AA160_The link for Tiny Tyrannosaurus is here .

Each book is just under £5 if you’d prefer a paperback.

51lOMDj1yeL._SX351_BO1,204,203,200_ My books are always free on Kindle Unlimited but from Friday to Sunday 6-8 November, they are also free on Amazon’s Kindle. You can download The Green Book here .

41lXtm+NfQL._AA160_The link for Tiny Tyrannosaurus is here .

Each book is less than £5 if you’d prefer a paperback. These books are laced with magic, easy to read and make great bedtime stories.

holes1A group of  online indie authors got together to produce a book of short stories on the theme of ‘Holes’. This is the result.  The stories within the book are as follows:

A twisted story about innocence and revenge.
A young woman racing for her life and her love against the age of clockworks.
A man who lost his life in a traffic accident and discovers the afterlife is being stuck in a classroom.
A young African schoolteacher who tackles a band of ruthless, marauding terrorists.
A Russian mobster who made a deal and thought he’d found a loophole to get out of it.
A cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for…you just may get it.
A place where life disappears to when you’re not watching.
A question about whether we are really the dominant species and masters of our own future.
A reader-interactive comedy of errors.
An anomalous client demanding something written from the soul, a soul he is threatening to take
An Inspector Winsford murder mystery.
A legacy gift that just goes on giving.
Slapstick comedy with a touch of British buffoonery
A pretty tease who toys with her theology professor until dark revelations stop her in her tracks.

My story is  The Inspector Winsford murder mystery. There are other Winsford mysteries brewing but I’m glad to have the opportunity to publish this one.

The idea behind this book was to produce a platform for us to promote our work to more readers, even though we’ve never met each other. As you can see from the stories above there is a wide range of genre and it’s a great way for you to get to know some new authors.

The book is available free from some outlets. At the moment it is £0.99 from Amazon UK and $1.52 on

Here’s a link to the Amazon site. At the moment it’s available as an ebook but it may be available as a hardback in future. So if you enjoy varied short stories why not give ‘Holes’ a read. I hope you enjoy it.

If you like poetry, why not download Nature’s Gold for free on Friday 18 -Sunday 20 September 2015 from Amazon Kindle here.
I love writing and reading poetry. Yesterday I was reading Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott – such a tragic and moving story, beautifully told.
Remember all my books are free on Kindle Unlimited and if you wanted a hard copy of this poetry book , it’s just £5.
Here’s a couple of poems as a taster. The first sad and the second happy. Whatever your mood…..

Leap of Life

What leap of life has led us here
to this unseemly place;
to scrabble in the debris
of all that we once were?

Now your voice is flat and bored
where once it straddled high and low,
full of joy and interest
of all we shared together.

What I would give to jump through time
to twenty years ago,
to feel your warm hand in mine
and never want another.

But the future seems a trial,
for us both to endure,
as love becomes elusive,
in joined entangled lives.

Twelve Dusky Pink Roses

Twelve dusky pink roses held in her hand,
white princess dress swishes the floor.
The beautiful bride now stands by her man;
they’re pledging their love evermore.

He stands tall and true, smart in his suit,
her “diamond” tiara catches the light.
They look at each other with love in their eyes.
We’re all part of this happy sight.

Here’s family and friends of this loving pair
and flower girl walks by the bride.
Two rings exchanged as a promise of love.
Dads and mums bursting with pride.

Today’s the first day of the rest of their lives.
It’s not just a significant day.
It marks the joining of two families,
who’ll help them both all the way.

Twelve dusky pink roses held in her hand,
white princess dress swishes the floor.
The beautiful bride now stands by her man.
They’re declaring their love evermore.

This poem was originally written for my daughter’s wedding.

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11705837_967531943267360_280957472_oToday I’m welcoming Penny Luker whom I’ve met through our work for “You’re Not Alone”, an anthology in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care.

This interview is part of a series of blog posts to introduce my colleagues in this endeavour. The anthology is available for pre-order and will be released on July 11.
The paperback version is already available!

Twenty-seven writers from around the world, including myself have entered an assortment of short stories for your pleasure, show your support by liking the new page on Facebook and expressing an interest in buying the book.

You’ll find the book on your Amazon for per-order via these links:

You’ll find the Facebook page here:

And here is the fund, in loving memory of Pamela Mary Winton

Tell us a little about yourself as writer and as person. Penny (4)

I’ve been writing all my life but it’s only in the…

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