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Penny 7 I’m writing this blog to share some of my writing. You’ll find stories, poems, reviews and updates on my books. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Do leave comments and I’ll try and reply.


Free Children’s Book

Pablo, the storytelling bear is free tomorrow 26 January 2018 for three days.

Pablo is a magical toy who tells stories about a polar bear who lives in the zoo and one who lives in the wild. Add to that a touch of magic and stir. This book is suitable for children five to twelve years old.

I wrote the book for my grandchild, Bill, but hope all children who read it will enjoy.

These two children’s books are free until Christmas. The Green Book tells the story of Alana who gets a magic book for her birthday. Each chapter tells a story but combined they tell a longer story. Tiny Tyrannosaurus is a magic toy that Isaac receives for his birthday. This is another chapterbook. Ideal for children under eleven.

The Green Book and Tiny Tyrannosaurus are free on Amazon Kindle from Friday 22 to Monday 25 December 2017. So why not download and read to your children over the holidays. These books are gentle stories wth a touch of magic. Download here UK or here USA.

If you’d rather have a paperback copy, they cost £4.50/£4.99 or $5.28/$5.73

My new book in this series is Pablo the Storytelling Bear which is free on Kindle Unlimited or £0.99 UK or $1.32 USA.

Download here UK or here USA

These books are suitable for 5 – 11 year olds and all have a touch of magic.

I wish all my readers a very happy Christmas or holidays and hope you have some quality tiime with your children.

Bill loves polar bears and receives a small fluffy bear for his birthday. At first he is a little underwhelmed, until he realizes that his little bear, Pablo, has been given the gift of storytelling. Pablo tells him stories about The Enormous Bear, who lives in the wild, and Minty, a cub, who lives in a zoo. Add a touch of magic to the mix and stir.

This is an ideal book to read to a child over Christmas, or let them read it themselves. It contains seven short stories and a few little pictures (black and white).

The ebook is only £0.99 from Amazon UK or $1.33 from

It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The paperback is available from Lulu for £4.50 (plus p&p). Available from other bookshops shortly.

Buy a Book for Christmas

Sometimes we get caught in the trap of buying expensive presents for children and then they play with the box. That’s why I try to buy the children in the family a book. When Christmas evening comes and all the madness and excitement is over, it’s good to sit down with an enjoyable book. Why not buy a book for Christmas? Here’s some of my books for children and I’ll post some books for adults really soon. Happy Reading!

The Green Book
Kindle £1.99
Paperback £4.50

Kindle $2.63
Paperback $5.28

Tiny Tyrannosaurus
This is a book about a magical toy dinosaur.
Kindle £2.01
Paperback £5.00

Kindle $2.65
Paperback $5.73

Desdemona, the dragon without any friends

A picturebook about a dragon who learns about friendship.
Paperback £8.00

Paperback $12.46

Not yet available on kindle.

Pablo the storytelling bear
Available from
Paperback £5.00

Today, 24 September 2017, is the last day of my ebooks, ‘The Mermaid’ and ‘Pebble on a Beach’ being free on Amazon. These are collections of short stories that explore the courage and depravity of human nature. They both contain a wide variety of genre, such as ghost stories, crime stories, tales of hope in the face of tragedy and lots more. Grab your copies and read when you have the time.

Short Story Bonanza

Do you like short stories? Mine are aimed at adults, but are not ‘adult’ short stories. They’re aimed at people with busy lives, who want to read a complete story as they have a cup of coffee or pass the time on a journey. Both books contain multiple genre, so if you like variety, these books are for you.
This weekend both e-books of short stories, Pebble on a Beach and The Mermaid, are free.

Here’s a link to Amazon UK for Pebble on a Beach. and for The Mermaid.

Here’s the USA link for Pebble on a Beach and for The Mermaid.

This is the last of my freebies for a while, so I hope you download and enjoy. Free 22-24 September 2017.

Just a reminder that all my e-books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, all the time and if you purchase the paperback then you can have the ebook for free.

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