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Penny 7 I’m writing this blog to share some of my writing. You’ll find stories, poems, reviews and updates on my books. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. Do leave comments and I’ll try and reply.


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The Truth Finder is a fantasy/sci-fi novel about Vrail, who can read minds. The time is the fifth millennium on Earth and those with special gifts, run the risk of being exploited, hunted or imprisoned. Much of the Earth has been damaged through war and poor environmental choices. Each of the last three cities finds its own solution for survival.

Although this book was designed as a young adult novel, many adults have enjoyed it as a quick and enjoyable read.

The paperback book cost £6.99. You can find a link to it here.

If you download and read The Truth Finder do let me know what you think.

Here’s a review that’s been posted on Amazon. Thank you Maria

5.0 out of 5 stars The Truth Finder.
By Maria on 12 March 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
4.5 rounded to 5.
I really enjoyed this YA fantasy. I thought the tone and writing was perfect for the age group targeted, it was a great story with interesting characters.
I especially liked that although it was set in the future and there had been disastrous wars making areas of earth inhabitable, it was not too bleak with people living as savages, like many other books in this genre. Humanity and civilisation survives. There are schools and employment in the new cities and the farmers work with scientists to increase yields on the land that can still be farmed. There are tyrants but people try to get on with everyday life.
A lot of thought went into creating this “future” world and events appeared logical within it. There were a couple of little touches I particularly liked, especially as they were referred to without over labouring the point –
The ‘visualisers’ were forced by the government to create the illusion that the city was far smarter than it was and to hide the derelict, run down buildings.
Most people thought the ‘life device’ they wore was a good thing as it did things like detect illnesses early on. A few thought they went against civil liberties.
The central character, Vrail was believable and likeable as he struggled with his gift of being a truth finder and works out the best way to use his power for good. He was a loyal,brave and thoughtful character with a supportive group of friends.
The writing is straightforward with clarity. The story is entertaining and complete but also introduces a range of characters, giving the author plenty of scope to make this into a series.
An enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series being released.

I was so pleased to be invited for a chat with Frank Parker, The author of ‘Summer Day’, which I recently reviewed on this site. You can see the review in a blog post below. He has also written: Honest Hearts, Strongbow’s Wife, Transgression and A Purgatory of Misery.

His chat with me is called, ‘A date with Penny Luker’ and you can read it on Frank Parker’s website here.

If you visit his website you can read his dates with other authors, as well as lots of information about other books and historical themed blog posts. Well worth a visit.

Pablo the storytelling bear is free in ebook format tomorrow, 7 April 2018, for one day only. It’s always free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and the paperback version is £5. You can download here.

Read what one reviewer thought.
5.0 out of 5 stars

It’s what sister’s do!
By Sarah Stuart on 18 March 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Bill came alive instantly with the snoring bear. Of course, he would suspect his sister of hiding to play a trick on him. It’s what sisters do! The two youngsters in my life are brother and sister, and he recognised her in Emily and read on with great glee. She started reading to object to this idea and became so hooked into the stories she forgot her motive and enjoyed them.

Schools tend to buy books with that include “lessons”: racial tolerance and equality for example – that come over as boring lectures. Pablo the Storytelling Bear’s messages that validate good manners and behaviour are subtle, and therefore effective.

The subject of endangered species is close to my heart, and I was delighted to find The Enormous Bear Rescue, which describes how they are protected even when they invade towns and represent danger, and the stories follow on with Bill asking his bear how he could help.

Many thanks to Sarah Stuart for the lovely review.

This is my five star review of Summer Day.

Summer Day is a charming tale of a rural community, focusing on a family who have many trials to deal with in post war Britain. The strength of this book is that it is full of rounded, believable characters, who draw you in to their world. Henry is a boy with a different view of the world than his father, which leads to an accident and misunderstanding. He takes himself off with his beloved dog Bess and the drama proceeds from there. There are multiple viewpoints, which could be confusing, but are not, due to the skill of the author. Add to this mixture a wonderful sense of place. You really feel as if you know the area by the end of the book. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this.

£7.42 for paperback and £2.40 for Amazon Kindle

$10.49 for paperback and $3.37 for Amazon Kindle


Here is my 5 Stars review of Patricia Puddle’s Fallen Angel. I’ve not read any books by this author before, but if you are a young adult, I’d certainly recommend this book.

This is a short young adult novel about guardian angels and those they protect. Nathaniel is a sincere and hardworking angel who protects Eloise for eighteen years. He is fighting Lucifer for Eloise’s soul. This book is the start of a series and is an engaging read. I promise you will want to read more in the next book.

Fallen Angel

FREE on Amazon’s Kindle  and £8.99 or $9.99 in paperback.

This book is another magical book, but it includes tales of a polar bear that lives in a zoo and one that lives in the wild.

The ebook is free this weekend from Amazon or it’s £5.00 for the paperback version. Why not download it now and get your children reading it when you have a spare moment.


The Green Book and Tiny Tyrannosaurus (ebooks) are free 9-11 March 2018. These stories are about Alana and Isaac and how magic comes into their lives and makes them see things differently. They are great stories for bedtime or assemblies. Each chapter tells a new adventure. Children love reading these books and adults enjoy reading them to their family.
Why not download NOW!

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