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Tiny Tyrannosaurus – A Children’s Story

Tiny Tyrannosaurus

Alana had carefully wrapped her birthday present for her brother, Isaac, in special dinosaur paper. She knew that he enjoyed playing with his dinosaurs and had found a particularly interesting Tyrannosaurus rex in the market in Canterbury. She painted a lovely home-made card for him and left them both by his bed, so that he could open them when he woke up.

For a second Isaac forgot it was his birthday and then he saw the present and dived out of bed and ripped off the paper. There before him was a small but perfectly formed Tyrannosaurus rex. It was scientifically accurate, as far as anyone knew, well-made and with beautiful colouring. He couldn’t believe his eyes when suddenly he saw its tail move.

‘I’ve got some good news and some bad news,’ said the tiny Tyrannosaurus.

Isaac picked up the creature, ‘Did you speak?’ he asked.

‘You heard me, didn’t you?’ Now shall I continue?’

‘Yes,’ said Isaac.

‘The good news is that I will stay with you for a year and bring you all the magic you should ever want.’

‘And the bad news?’ asked Isaac.

‘The bad news is that the green book, which visited Alana, last year and was going to visit you when you were ten, can’t make it, which is why I’ve decided to come this year; so happy birthday Isaac.’

‘Does that mean that I can make a wish?’ said Isaac.

‘Yes it does,’ said Tiny. ‘But let’s set a few ground rules. I’m a tired tiny Tyrannosaurus and so I’m happy to grant your wishes, but really only want to do one day, so think carefully what it is you want. When I want to talk to you to I’ll swish my tail and you’ll hear a ‘whoosh’ sound.’

‘Can I ask a question?’ said Isaac.

‘You just have,’ said Tiny.

Isaac smiled. ‘I just wanted to ask if I will have to say long, complicated spells like my sister had to, with the green book?’

‘No, not at all,’ said Tiny. ‘The green book is of the old school. I’m a modern, contemporary sort of guy. I believe in plain English. We shall say simple spells. Now it’s time for my siesta but I hope you have a lovely seventh birthday and enjoy the cake.’ He winked.

Isaac carefully placed the tiny Tyrannosaurus into the top drawer of his dressing table and ran downstairs to find more presents. Later that day Mum prepared the most delicious tea. There was a large pizza, lots of salad, plenty of crisps and nibbles, but centre stage was an extremely large cake. It was in the shape of a Tyrannosaurus rex. The scaly body was a greenish brown and he had scary eyes, which Isaac thought were looking at him.

Soon Isaac’s friends started to arrive and there was lots of fun, music and plenty of games to play, but at the back of Isaac’s mind he kept thinking about Tiny sleeping in his top drawer. He couldn’t think what to wish for because it was such a beautiful day. He had all his friends and family and he was very happy.

At three o’clock, there was a loud banging on the door and when it was opened, there stood Gordon. Isaac hadn’t invited Gordon to his party because Gordon wasn’t very kind. At school he bullied Isaac and sometimes even hit him, slyly.

Gordon’s mother stood with him in the doorway.

‘I think Gordon’s invitation got lost somewhere. He was sure Isaac intended to invite him to his party, so here we are.’ Gordon’s mother laughed a little nervously.

Isaac’s mum and dad exchanged a look and then opened the door wider to let Gordon in.

‘I’ll be back to pick him up at six o’clock,’ said Gordon’s mum.

All the happiness of the day disappeared as Isaac felt a big black cloud had just entered his home.

Gordon shoved a present into Isaac’s hand, smiled sweetly and whispered, ‘I shall be taking this home with me so don’t get too fond of it.’

Isaac put the present unopened onto the sofa and all the children went into the kitchen to enjoy the birthday tea. Mum and Dad worked hard to make sure that everybody had all the food and drink that they wanted and then the seven candles on the cake were lit and everyone started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’.

Gordon started singing some rather unkind words. ‘Happy birthday to you. You are a big poo. Your cake makes me spew. Happy birthday to you.’

Isaac decided the best thing he could do was not show that he was upset. He wanted to run away to his bedroom and close the door and end the party, but he knew that would make Gordon happy, so he pretended not to hear.

Gordon went to speak again, but a very strange thing happened, for Gordon couldn’t open his mouth. He tried and tried and his face went re, his eyes bulged a bit, but his mouth would not open.

Mum and Dad were very worried. Here was a child who’d been left in their care, who couldn’t open his mouth. What were they to do? They tried to ring his mother but her phone was switched off.

‘Perhaps you’ve had too much to eat,’ said Dad. ‘Come and sit quietly in the living room. Don’t panic, I’m sure it will be better in a minute. I’ll sit with you.’

Mum opened the door to the garden. ‘Come on everyone, we’re going to finish off playing some games outside,’ and the rest of the children disappeared into the sunshine.

At six o’clock all the parents arrived to pick up their children. As Gordon’s mother walked up the path, his mouth opened with a loud pop.

‘There’s my mum,’ he shouted. ‘Am I glad to get out of here!’ And he flew down the path grabbing a party bag on his way.

When everyone had gone, Isaac’s mum said, ‘Did you enjoy your party?’

‘It was lovely,’ said Isaac. ‘Thanks Mum,’ and he ran upstairs to see if Tiny had woken up.
Tiny yawned and stretched as if he’d only had five minutes sleep.

‘It’s been such a brilliant day,’ said Isaac. ‘There’s nothing more I could wish for.’

‘Just as well, said Tiny. ‘I took the liberty of having a wish on your behalf. I decided that Gordon wouldn’t say anything else unkind to you on your birthday, so I sealed his lips.’

‘That was very naughty of you,’ said Isaac, but he couldn’t help laughing.


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  1. I’ve been reading stories from this to my 4yr old grandson, and I must say he really enjoyed them – lots of giggles and chuckles – (thought they were good too, for what it’s worth).

    I should be posting a review on amazon in the next day or two. I won’t be posting a review on my blog for awhile yet, as I want to get the Green Book and read that with him firs, and then do a sort of joint review for the two books on my blog.


  2. Thank you for your comment Paul. If you email me your address I’ll send you a copy of The Green Book.

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