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Book Review: A Seaside Mourning by John Bainbridge

A Seaside Mourning: An Inspector Abbs Mystery is a book set in Victorian Britain and is a classic ‘whodunit’. The setting is the seaside town of Seaborough, which is brought to life with the sounds and smells of the place, together with how it’s being developed.

The victim is Miss Chorley from Tower House, a sanctimonious spinster who does good works.

The suspects range from the ladies of Seaborough, to a maid who was recently dismissed. In fact like every good crime thriller there are many with a motive to murder.

Inspector Abbs and his side-kick, Sergeant Reeves have to sift through the alibis and evidence, but before they find the killer another murder occurs.

I really enjoyed this book and was drawn back in time to days before the mobile phone.
The quality of writing is excellent and I will certainly read more from this author.


Book Review: Natural History by Tom Benson

Natural History (An Anthology of Poetry)Natural History by Tom Benson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Natural History is a great book of rhyming poems by Tom Benson. There are forty-five poems for less than £1, so it’s very good value for money.
Within these poems there are messages to mankind about how the world’s resources are being wasted and how we need to treat animals better.
The reader can pick up factual information from many of the poems, e.g. in ‘Big Cats 1 – Cheetah.
In the poem ‘Fox Cub Toddler’ a narrative style is used about a young cub, who goes exploring, without his mother’s permission. He doesn’t seem to learn the lesson.
There’s a wonderful variety of subjects: poems about diving or climbing, to poems about The Lake District, The Arctic, The Desert or The Jungle.
If you like the ‘Natural World’, then you are in for a real treat with these poems.

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Book Review:Celestia is Falling by Morgan Kelley

Celestia is FallingCelestia is Falling by Morgan Kelley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Celestia is Falling is the first in the Croft & Croft Romance Adventure series by Morgan Kelley.
Sheriff Emma Starling has settled in the quiet backwater of Celestia to get away from the violence in Philadelphia, where she witnessed her brother’s murder. When the first murder happens in Celestia, Emma calls in the FBI, against the mayor’s wishes. She recognises there are more to come.
This is an excellent read and is a well-written book with great main characters that you’ll care about. Emma and FBI Agent Greyson Croft fall in love at first sight and basically can’t keep their hands to themselves.
What I found unusual was the mixture of two genres, even though that is how the book is advertised. As a reader I was so interested in the crime part that I almost felt the romance side held the story up! Nevertheless both genres are entwined smoothly and well-written and some readers will be more interested in that aspect.
The supporting characters of Deputy Reese and FBI agent Curtis Briggs are also well drawn, as are the mayor and Gail (Croft’s former love interest).
I’d certainly recommend, ‘Celestia is Falling’ and look out for this author in future.

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