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My author’s page at Amazon is here.

My Lulu spotlight is here.

My poetry blog is here.

Poetry Books

Autumn Gold is here.

Nature’s Gold is here.

Children’s Books

The Green Book is here.

Tiny Tyrannosaurus is here.

Desdemona the Dragon Without Any Friends is here.

Pablo the Storytelling Bear is here.

YA Novels

The Truthfinder is here.

Short Stories

Pebble on a Beach – short stories for adults is here.

The Mermaidshort stories for adults is here.

Tom Benson – Author here

Elizabeth Horrocks – Author

Liz Pickens – Author

Chudleigh Phoenix Writing Competition


Book Review site hosted by Paul Ruddock is here.


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  1. Hi Penny. I’ve been very busy as you probably know, so my blog patrols have been reduced. While I was here I had a look around. I may not be able to give much in the way of feedback regarding children’s stories, but I’ve just read and been impressed by your ‘Cruella Deville’ writing exercise. It’s a superb way to demonstrate how point of view can affect the reader’s perception.

  2. Thanks Tom. I love the writing exercises. They really make you think.

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