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I used to spend my time working as a teacher and Head Teacher and then as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University. Now I spend my time writing stories and poems. I’ve been writing for the last few years and love reading and writing poetry. I also enjoy playing the piano and ukulele and painting in watercolour.

I’ve published ‘The Truth Finder’ a young adult fantasy book; ‘The Green Book’, ‘Tiny Tyrannosa,urus’ and ‘Pablo the Storytelling Bear’  which are three children’s chapter books. Also I’ve publisheda picture book called ‘Desdemona the Dragon without any Friends’ and two books of poetry, ‘Nature’s Gold’ and ‘Autumn Gold’ . Finally there are two books of short stories, which are, ‘Pebble on a Beach’ and ‘The Mermaid’. All are available on Amazon and Lulu.

I’m currently in the middle of writing two novels. One is a fantasy novel, the sequel to The Truth Finder and the other is a whodunnit. For a while I’ve been collecting new stories for the next book of short stories and new poems for a poetry book exploring the darker side of love.

I’m a keen member of the Winsford Writers, a local writing group. We welcome new members so if you live in the area do get in touch. It’s challenging and great fun.


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  1. Very Professional-looking!

  2. A nicely written, and may I say interesting, bio Penny. I also like your choice of theme and your layout. I will make the effort to get back for a good look around. I’m still trying to catch up with responses to my initiative this morning to produce a ‘resource list’. I will of course keep you all up to speed on where it goes from these humble beginnings. Thanks again.

  3. Hi Penny

    Just left a comment on your book review. Has been awhile since I stopped by; whole new look from what I see, but very clear and simple, and easy on the eye.


  4. Hello again Penny. Good heavens but that A to Z Challenge made April a long month. I’ve now reviewed the huge list of blogs I ended up with on my Blogroll and your name found itself still there at the end of the process. lol
    My aim now is to follow about 40 blogs regularly, so please bear with me as I settle into working out a routine. I just wanted to get back and make sure you were still here!

    • Hello Tom,
      Yes still here 😉
      Funny you should mention organising a routine to read blogs you follow, I’ve just decided to do the same.I follow so many excellent blogs but sometimes it’s hard to find the time, but I thought I might read a few every night after my evening meal.
      All the best

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