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Depths of Darkness

Depths of Darkness is an anthology of horror stories by a facebook group called Indie Author Support and Discussion. It is a collection of fourteen stories by ten authors and you can get it for FREE on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.It costs $0.99 or £0.99 if you want to buy the ebook. Depths of Darkness
I am so happy to be one of the authors in this anthology. It truly explores storytelling and it’s out in time for Halloween! Let me know which is your favourite.

Review: Watercolour Seascapes: Painting seas made possible. (Painting Made Possible)

I thought I’d share with you my latest review, which is of Watercolour Seascapes by Ruth Coulson. You can buy it from Amazon for £10.99. This author is a talented artist and passes on her knowledge well. (Picture from

Watercolour Seascapes: Painting seas made possible. (Painting Made Possible)

Watercolour Seascapes

24 October 2019

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase


Poetry Books FREE 26 & 27 October 2019

Do you like poetry? Download these books free this weekend. Autumn Gold and Nature’s Gold are books filled with poems on many themes, While Shadows of Love explores the many aspects of love.

Nature’s Gold

Autumn Gold

The Shadows of Love

Remember all my books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited all the time.

Last few hours – The Truth Finder and The Visualizer are free


Thank you to all those  who’ve downloaded my books already. I hope you’re enjoying them.

This is the last few hours to download The Truth Finder and The Visualizer ebooks for free (20/10/2019).

Just to let you know that all of my books are always FREE on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and the ebooks only cost £1.99 or the equivalent in the US. (Sorry it’s not showing the price at the moment.)

Like any author I’d love it if you could spend a few moments writing a review.

Next weekend I’ll be giving away three poetry e-books. Stay tuned.

For the lovely people who’ve liked my website and I haven’t responded, my apologies. I’ll be reading your websites, now I can sign in again.

FREE – The Truth Finder and The Visualizer

Alien Town Between Mountains


This weekend (19 and 20 October 2019) the ebooks, The Truth Finder and The Visualizer are free on Amazon Kindle.

They are always free on Kindle Unlimited.

These two books are stories of the Earth in the fifth millennium. The world has been decimated by war and the population has diminished, but out of the ashes, some humans have developed special powers. The Truth Finder can read minds and The Visualizer can change her form and that of her surroundings. Yet in these troubled times those with gifts are vulnerable to imprisonment and exploitation. These first two books in the series were originally intended for young adults, but are also enjoyed by everyone. The final book in the series is The Healer and should be published in 2020.

You can download The Truth Finder here.

You can download The Visualizer here.

I hope you enjoy reading them!


Free – Short Stories 12 + 13 October 2019

Mermaid Front kindle

The Mermaid and Pebble on the Beach ebooks, are both free, today and tomorrow. You can download them on the following links.

The Mermaid

Pebble on the Beach


Pebble on the Beach lulu final

If you like short stories in many genres then you’ll enjoy these. You’ll meet unscrupulous and delightful characters, in a variety of settings, getting up to all sorts of mischief. There are some gentle observations about life’s challenges, some with touches of humour.

Why not download now and read when you have time?

All my books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

Next weekend, The Truth Finder and The Visualizer ebooks, will be free for everyone. They’re YA novels (read by a lot of adults) and tell the story of Earth in the fifth millennium, and how those who have special gifts struggle to survive in an unstable world.





New Cover Reveal – Pebble on the Beach

Pebble on the Beach lulu final

I won’t bore you with the details, but I had to change the title, so I changed the cover as well. If you’ve already bought this book – see previous covers below, don’t buy it again! But if you haven’t, it contains 24 stories (short stories and flash fiction) in many genres. You can buy it here for only £1.99 (e-book) or $2.99.The revised paperback version will be out shortly.

It’s FREE on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited.

It’s also FREE to everyone on Saturday and Sunday 12 and 13 October 2019.

The Mermaid is also free on 12 and 13 October 2019 and you can download it here.


Mermaid Front kindle

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