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My new book, The Visualizer, has just been released as an ebook. It continues the story of Earth in the fifth millennium. It is the story of Seek, a visualizer, who can change her appearance and the appearance of the world around her. But all gifted people are vulnerable to exploitation by those in power. She is the grandaughter of the Ruler Grettison, who has been deposed from the city of Mizair. Grettison is planning war to regain his position, by attacking the people there now. Can Seek prevent the war?
This book is the sequel to The Truth Finder (Vrail) who is a friend of Seek’s family, so you get to find out what Vrail is up to.
The ebook is £1.99 in the UK and is $2.60 in the US

The Visualizer is now available in paperback. £6.62 or $8.56 here.

The Truth Finder is available here.



Pebble on a Beach: Short stories for adults, is free today and tomorrow, 5 and 6 April 2019. You can download it here. It is a book of short stories, of many different genre and suitable for adults, so why not grab a copy and a coffee and sit down and relax.

Don’t forget two of my poetry books and all of my children’s books are also free today.
Happy Reading

By next week The Visualizer should be available on Amazon’s Kindle. The Visualizer, is the story of Seek, who has escaped from Mebsuta. She reunites with her parents and Vrail, the truth finder, and tries to stop the war that’s brewing in the city of Mizair. Her special gift gives her powers, but also makes her vulnerable. This story continues the story of Earth in the fifth millennium and is a YA novel, but will also be enjoyed by adults.

In case you haven’t read the first book in the series, The Truth Finder is free today and tomorrow 5 and 6 April 2019.You can download it here.

All my children’s books are free to download Friday and Saturday 5 and 6 April 2019. They are always free on Kindle Unlimited. Desdemona, The Dragon without any friends is a children’s picture book about learning that friends can be different from you. It’s a delightful book to share with your children. You can download it here.

The Green Book is a Chapter Book, ideal for bedtime stories, with a touch of magic. It’s about Alana and her family and how Alana learns to believe in herself and learn the value of fun and friendship You can download it here.

Tiny Tyrannosaurus is a Chapter Book, with magic and a pocket dinosaur. You can download it here.

My latest children’s book, Pablo The Storytelling Bear, is about a storytelling bear, who tells stories about a wild polar bear and one living in a zoo. Of course there’s a touch of magic. You can download it here.

I hope the children in your life enjoy these books.

Both these poetry books are free to download on Friday and Saturday, the 5 and 6 of April. You can download Autumn Gold and Nature’s Gold here. These books contain an ecclectic mix of poetry, which I hope you enjoy.

Please remember that all my poetry books are always free on Kindle Unlimited and if you want a paperback version they are all currently £5 each.

My latest poetry book, The Shadows of Love is available here.

If you have a few moments to post a review on Amazon that would be great. I love getting feedback.

Look out for more free books coming soon.

Do you fancy a free mid-week dip into poetry? The Shadows of Love is free tomorrow Tuesday and Wednesday 2 and 3 April. You can download here. I love reading, sharing and writing poetry. Do leave a comment or a poem.

More free poetry from this website on Friday and Saturday, so do drop by then.

The Shadows of Love

A remembered kiss;
the touch of your hands,
through the distance of time,
in faraway lands.

The songs that you sang,
of love everlasting,
now are poignant, untrue
as our feelings are passing.

And all that we knew
of a love that was strong,
we threw to the sky.
Now I think we were wrong,

to pass by a friendship,
and a passion like fire;
then I remember betrayal
and that you are a liar.

Yet sometimes I wander
through the winter of time
with the shadows of love
and still wish you were mine.

Children’s Books

pablo brandnew front 1 snowflake with medal

All my children’s books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Pablo the Storytelling Bear will help your child understand why some of the polar bears are in trouble because of environmental changes. The book contains stories about a real life bear and stories that contain an element of magic. These stories can be read to your child or they can read them themselves. They are suitable for children in primary school.

Click here to find more information.

My other books are: The Green Book , Tiny Tyrannosaurus, and a children’s picture book to read to younger children, called Desdemona, The Dragon Without Any Friends.

Des square cover final


I hope your children enjoy the stories. Let me know. I love hearing from readers.

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