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If your child likes tales of magic, these are the books for you. Both ebooks, The Green Book and Tiny Tyrannosaurus are free this weekend, 9 and 10 September 2017. They are chapterbooks, so each chapter tells a story, while the complete books hold a wider story.

These books are free on kindle unlimited all the time. If you want to buy the paperback, The Green Book is £4.50 and Tiny Tyrannosaurus is £4.99. You can find a link here.

The Green Book costs $5.58 for the paperback and Tiny Tyrannosaurus is $5.73. You can find the link here.


Free on Kindle Unlimited

All my ebooks are permanently free on Amazon Kindle. There is a YA fantasy novel called The Truth Finder; two books of short stories for adults, Pebble on a Beach and The Mermaid; two poetry books, Nature’s Gold and Autumn Gold, and two children’s chapter books about magic, The Green Book and Tiny Tyrannosaurus.

Paperback versions cost: YA fantasy novel – The Truth Finder £6.99; Short stories for adults, Pebble on a Beach – paperback coming soon and The Mermaid £7.00; Poetry books, Nature’s Gold £5.00 and Autumn Gold £5.50, and two children’s chapter books, The Green Book £4.50 and Tiny Tyrannosaurus £4.99. There’s also a children’s picture book, Desdemona; The Dragon without any friends £8.99.

Hope you find something to enjoy.

Just a quick reminder, that The Truth Finder is free today on Amazon Kindle. It’s the last day! (28 Aug 2017)

The Truth Finder is a young adult fantasy novel, about life on Earth in the fifth millennium, where some people have developed special gifts. Those gifts put them in danger of being exploited by those in power. The Earth is mainly contaminated and there are only a few areas that are habitable. It’s a dangerous place to live.

Why not grab a copy!

I published, Pebble on a Beach, back in 2010 in paperback, but I’ve recently revised and re-edited it and it’s now available on Kindle for £0.99 or $0.99. Of course if you have Kindle Unlimited it’s FREE.
In this book of short stories for adults, you’ll find stories of crime, ghost, sci-fi, and much more. Many of the the tales explore human courage and strength while others tackle human frailty. There are more than twenty stories for you to enjoy.

I’m going to revise/tweak this cover in the next month and the new paperback version is on it’s way.

If you read this short book I’d be grateful if you could leave a short review. It really helps authors.

This is written as a story told by Dr Callum MacKenzie about his time in Uganda. He has been paid a lot of money to eradicate a smallpox epidemic, but all is not as it seems. There are plots and counterplots. It is not a safe place to be and more than one person has a love of killing.

The book is written in a compelling way so that you don’t want to put it down.
I highly recommend this book. Enjoy.

A Crazy Act in Uganda costs £7.33 in paperback from Amazon or in Kindle format 99p. The link is here.

For this holiday weekend, I’m giving away the e-book, The Truth Finder. It is a fantasy novel about Vrail, a truth finder, who lives in the fifth millennium. He spends his life reading the minds of violent criminals and coming to terms with the disturbing thoughts of others. The world is a dangerous place for those with exceptional gifts. It’s a young adult novel although many adults have enjoyed it.

You can find my books on Amazon here.

If you want a paperback version it’s £6.99.
Free as an e-book on 26-28 August 2017.

All my e-books are free on kindle unlimited all the time. Why not check them out?

Hope you have a happy holiday.

This is my five star review on Amazon.

This is a short autobiographical book about the author who has a passion for riding. Her then husband buys her two horses and she acquires two others to look after. When one of her daughter’s friend’s mother offers to pay for a riding lesson, the idea for a riding school is born. This is the first book in a series and I can see it will appeal to children and young adults who are horse lovers.

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