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Book Review: The Six Sisters Series by M.C. Beaton

I have just finished reading the Six Sisters Series books, which are basically period romances. Reverend Armitage has six daughters and two boys. Each of the books tells the tale of how one of his daughters falls in love, but these are not sloppy romances. The heroine of each book has some problem to overcome. She often faces the follies of her father and other difficulties, such as villainous characters determined to ruin her. Each of the sisters has their own distinct personality, talents and weaknesses. Their father, Reverend Armitage, is a particularly flawed character and adds a bit of spice.

The books are:
The Taming of Annabelle
Deidre and Desire
Diana the Huntress
Frederica in Fashion

All the sisters have dominant personalities, which is consistent with many of M.C. Beaton’s novels. These are quick reads and for when you want something light and entertaining. I read them on kindle but of course they are available in paperback and apparently are issued under M.C. Beaton’s pseudonym of Marion Chesney.

One thing I enjoyed is the little snippets of history that are dropped in about what men and women wore and ate or how they travelled.

These books were published in the eighties. I’m not a big ‘romance’ fan and yes I do prefer the Agatha Raisin series, but I did enjoy these books. Well worth reading.


Book Review: Emily goes to Exeter by M.C.Beaton

I am a huge fan of M.C.Beaton’s work, especially the Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin series, which are essentially whodunits. They are quick reads with a touch of humour and characters that are likeable but with their own flaws.

Emily goes to Exeter is the first of the Travelling Matchmaker Series, but these are not typical romance genre. As you read you are taken into a time of stage coaches and servants. Hannah Pym, a former housekeeper has inherited £5000, which allows her to become a lady of independent means. She has a love for travelling by stage coach and during her travels she can’t help meddling a little in the love lives of others; always with good intention. Her work starts as she meets Emily a fellow passenger, who is running away from an arranged marriage to Lord Harley. He joins the coach party and is determined not to marry the spoilt but beautiful Emily.

Sir George Clarence, brother of Hannah’s former employer, pops up in all the books and is the back story that gives Miss Pym’s life some depth. He treats her like a lady, not a servant and she is a little in awe of him. As with all M.C. Beaton’s books the lead woman has a strong character.

So if you want an enjoyable quick read and to find out little snippets of history, then this series is worth a look.

The Travelling Matchmaker series was first published in the US in 1990 so they are not new, but new to us. It’s now published in the UK by Robinson, 2011 and available on Amazon.

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