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Free Books 10-12 January 2020

All my ebooks are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited all the time but if you don’t have that, The Truth Finder and The Visualizer are free from Friday 10 January to Sunday 12 January 2020.
Both books are about life on Earth in the fifth millennium, where some people have special gifts. Life for those people is especially hazardous as greedy people are out to exploit those with gifts. Add to this, that Earth has been damamged by nuclear war and much of the land is contaminated, so human life is in a precarious balance, but still there are battles to be fought.

I’m hoping to release the final book in the trilogy this year, called The Healer and here’s a sneaky peak at the cover.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!


Sizzling Sunset — Sarah Stuart – Romantic Suspense

Dramatic close of the Royal Command Family Saga is almost complete! Read the Editorial Review of just one of the multi-award-winning novels – Illicit Passion The plot has many layers and the author weaves in the sub-plots masterfully. All the characters have been portrayed well and the twists and turns will keep readers glued to […]

via Sizzling Sunset — Sarah Stuart – Romantic Suspense

Free children’s e-books 2 and 3 Nov 2019

Des square cover final

This is my final weekend of ‘giveaway’ books. My children’s books are free today and tomorrow. Even if you’re in the middle of reading another book with your child you can download these and save them for later.

Desdemona the dragon without any friends is a charming children’s picture book to read to a younger child. Desdemona is looking for friendship and she learns that friends don’t have to look like you.

My other children’s books are chapter books. Each chapter can be read as an individual story and they make up a longer story. These are ideal for children to read themselves or to share with their favourite adult.

The Green Book is the story of Alana, who discovers a magic book. Alana has many adventures with her friends and the magic book. She learns ways to solve problems whilst having loads of fun.

Tiny Tyrannosaurus tells about Isaac’s life with a magical tiny tyrannosaurus. They have many adventures and learn about staying safe and not being greedy, among other things.

Pablo the storytelling bear is my latest children’s book and tells the stories of two polar bears. One is in captivity, but has some magical adventures and the other is free and struggles to survive. This is certainly an opportunity to help children learn about our fragile Earth and how animals can become extinct, but it is a fun book to read.

Remember all my books are free on on Amazon’s kindle unlimited all the time.


pablo brandnew front 1 snowflake with medal




Poetry Books FREE 26 & 27 October 2019

Do you like poetry? Download these books free this weekend. Autumn Gold and Nature’s Gold are books filled with poems on many themes, While Shadows of Love explores the many aspects of love.

Nature’s Gold

Autumn Gold

The Shadows of Love

Remember all my books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited all the time.

Last few hours – The Truth Finder and The Visualizer are free


Thank you to all those  who’ve downloaded my books already. I hope you’re enjoying them.

This is the last few hours to download The Truth Finder and The Visualizer ebooks for free (20/10/2019).

Just to let you know that all of my books are always FREE on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and the ebooks only cost £1.99 or the equivalent in the US. (Sorry it’s not showing the price at the moment.)

Like any author I’d love it if you could spend a few moments writing a review.

Next weekend I’ll be giving away three poetry e-books. Stay tuned.

For the lovely people who’ve liked my website and I haven’t responded, my apologies. I’ll be reading your websites, now I can sign in again.

Connections Magazine – Readers Choice Awards 2019

The Truth Finder has been nominated for the Connection Magazine – Readers Choice Awards. I am thrilled to have been nominated in the YA category. Voting is taking place from now until 1 August. If you could spare a minute to vote for The Truth Finder I would be so happy. You can vote here.

The Truth Finder is the story of Earth in the fifth millennium. Vrail has developed unusual powers. He uses his ability to read minds to locate dangerous criminals.
He is a Truth Finder and explores the joys and dangers of his powers as he finds his place in a violent and unstable world. You can buy the book here.

Thank you so much for any votes.

Free Children’s Books 5 and 6 April 2019

All my children’s books are free to download Friday and Saturday 5 and 6 April 2019. They are always free on Kindle Unlimited. Desdemona, The Dragon without any friends is a children’s picture book about learning that friends can be different from you. It’s a delightful book to share with your children. You can download it here.

The Green Book is a Chapter Book, ideal for bedtime stories, with a touch of magic. It’s about Alana and her family and how Alana learns to believe in herself and learn the value of fun and friendship You can download it here.

Tiny Tyrannosaurus is a Chapter Book, with magic and a pocket dinosaur. You can download it here.

My latest children’s book, Pablo The Storytelling Bear, is about a storytelling bear, who tells stories about a wild polar bear and one living in a zoo. Of course there’s a touch of magic. You can download it here.

I hope the children in your life enjoy these books.

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