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Free Children’s Books 5 and 6 April 2019

All my children’s books are free to download Friday and Saturday 5 and 6 April 2019. They are always free on Kindle Unlimited. Desdemona, The Dragon without any friends is a children’s picture book about learning that friends can be different from you. It’s a delightful book to share with your children. You can download it here.

The Green Book is a Chapter Book, ideal for bedtime stories, with a touch of magic. It’s about Alana and her family and how Alana learns to believe in herself and learn the value of fun and friendship You can download it here.

Tiny Tyrannosaurus is a Chapter Book, with magic and a pocket dinosaur. You can download it here.

My latest children’s book, Pablo The Storytelling Bear, is about a storytelling bear, who tells stories about a wild polar bear and one living in a zoo. Of course there’s a touch of magic. You can download it here.

I hope the children in your life enjoy these books.


Children’s Books

pablo brandnew front 1 snowflake with medal

All my children’s books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Pablo the Storytelling Bear will help your child understand why some of the polar bears are in trouble because of environmental changes. The book contains stories about a real life bear and stories that contain an element of magic. These stories can be read to your child or they can read them themselves. They are suitable for children in primary school.

Click here to find more information.

My other books are: The Green Book , Tiny Tyrannosaurus, and a children’s picture book to read to younger children, called Desdemona, The Dragon Without Any Friends.

Des square cover final


I hope your children enjoy the stories. Let me know. I love hearing from readers.

Book Review: Two Face the World: Marry in Haste… by Sarah Stuart

This is the second book in the Richard and Maria series. It follows, Three Against the World: A waif, a stray, and a romance? I’d enjoyed the first book, so couldn’t wait to read the second and I wasn’t disappointed. Maria becomes eighteen and she and Richard are free to follow their romance, but someone is trying to prevent a ‘happy ever after’.
Sarah Stuart weaves a story, with likeable main characters, and a loveable dog, Ben, but who is trying to break up the couple by the most devious and cruel means? I won’t tell you if that person is successful, but it will hold your interest to the end. Add to that scenario that Richard and Maria are both fragile and lacking in confidence from being let down in the past.
I thoroughly recommend this book.

It costs £1.99 on Kindle, UK.

It’s $2.54 on Kindle, USA.

Save the Planet – Just a Litttle Bit

When I saw David Attenborough’s programme, I was overwhelmed by the damage we’ve done to our planet, and couldn’t think what we could do to help, especially in the light of governments that only seem to make decisions based on money.

But I decided I would make changes! I thought I’d do it step be step and try and limit the amount of single use plastic I use.

When I was a child we survived without wet wipes. They hadn’t been invented. Until recently I used wipes to take off my make up everyday. They were quick and convenient. I went out and bought a bottle of make-up remover, which comes in a recyclable bottle and some basic cotton pads, which comes in a recyclable plastic bag. It is not quite as convenient and probably takes me about thirty seconds longer per day!

The next thing I tackled was wrapping sandwiches. I take sandwiches to two or three classes a week and used a plastic bag to wrap them. I swapped to wrapping in grease-proof paper. Just as good.

I used to buy oranges in a plastic netting. It troubled me that an animal could get caught in it, so I chopped it up, but then it could be mistaken for something edible. I now buy my oranges in a box (which I recycle). You can get smaller boxes than the one pictured above.

I took a mug to an event I attended last week, which saved using disposable mugs. I’m going to pack my mug for future events. Washing up a mug really isn’t a great effort and paper cups are often lined with plastic, which is difficult to separate.

If I think I’ll want a drink of water I try to remember to take a re-useable water bottle.

This year we are wrapping Christmas presents in non-metallic paper, so it can be recycled.

This post is not meant to be a rant. There’s much more I can do and I will. Bit by bit, I will add to the changes I’m making. None of them are causing me any hardship. If you have any simple ideas, please feel free to add them. Let’s try to make a difference.


Penny Luker

via Penny Luker

The Truth Finder

Thank you so much Sarah. I’ve reblogged.

Sarah Stuart - Romantic Suspense

It’s very easy to identify with people living on Earth in the fifth millennium, made so by the clever use of recognisable everyday items upgraded, and how matter-of-fact people were. Rooms could be made smaller or larger depending on whether you needed space to entertain friends or to sleep in the bedroom. “Of course, we have to be careful not to drop things or the mechanism jams.” Also, the geography of what remains of inhabitable Earth is clear, and it is frighteningly believable that man would have polluted most of the planet.

Okay, so there I am “magicked” forward – and I do need a magic carpet; most sci-fi/fantasy leaves me cold. I fascinated by Vrail and his struggle to control his gift to read people’s minds and become a truth finder who can trace criminals, save lives, and stay sane! He’s an ordinary young man, no better or worse…

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Book Review: Bea & Bee by Sylva Fae

This is a charming tale about a little girl who would love to have a pet. She makes friends with a bee. Throughout the story she finds similarities between herself and the little bee. The book is well written and beautifully illustrated. An added bonus is some factual information at the end of the book about how to care for an injured bee and what flowers and plants they like. I’d definitely recommend this book for little ones. You can buy the book here or in the US here.

It costs £1.99 on Kindle and £4.00 in paperback. In the U.S. It’s $2.56 on Kindle and $6.50 in paperback.
It would make a great Christmas gift.

Other children’s books by Sylva Fae are:
Rainbow Monsters
Mindful Monsters
Yoga Fox
Children’s Christmas Collection – written with Kate Robinson, Paul Ian Cross and Suzanne Downes

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