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The Sting

Katie slipped her sandals off and ran along the beach. She could feel wet sand on her feet and smell the freshness of the sea. There was no one about, but she could hear the sound of the waves gently tapping the shore.

She walked at the edge of the water until she’d almost reached the end of the cove. A few people were beginning to come onto the beach. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her foot. Looking down she saw a purple blue jellyfish, which seemed to be panting. Hobbling to the wooden breakwater she sat down. She was almost crying with pain.

A young man, followed by a black and white Collie called Patch, was running towards her.

“Are you hurt?” he called.

“Yes I’ve been stung by a jellyfish, although it feels like I’ve been stabbed.”

“Was it a blue one with purple splodges?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Hmmmm they can be a bit nasty. We don’t usually get those here, but I noticed a few yesterday. I’m going to take you to the hospital.”

Within seconds strong arms had scooped her up and she could feel the warmth of him as he carried her to his car.

“By the way, I’m Steve.”

“Katie,” she replied.

Her foot throbbed. She vaguely thought about being in a car with a stranger. That wasn’t very sensible, but she could feel herself sweating and cold at the same time. Patch looked at her with interest, but she couldn’t respond.

By the time they reached A & E her foot had swollen and she was feeling faint. Steve spoke to the triage nurse and she was taken straight to the doctor who gave her a steroid jab. While she rested n the narrow bed Steve kept her company, popping out to the car now and again to check that Patch was alright. When the swelling eased a little, Katie was allowed to go home. The danger of a further reaction had passed.

As they approached Steve’s car he smiled at her and said, “Did I save your life? Does that get me a date?”

She looked at him and took in what an attractive man he was. Sitting in the car she looked at him with interest.

But it was Patch who took the first kiss by giving Katie a big lick on her face.

The writing task was to write a story which included a jellyfish and was a romance. The restriction was having ten to fifteen minutes.


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