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The Teacher’s Chair – A poem for children

Mum came to school the other day.
Teacher said that I’d been bad.
I listened to her rant for ages
and mother looked so sad.

But when the teacher tried to stand
I couldn’t help but giggle;
I’d stuck super-glue to her chair
which made her knickers wriggle.

She sat there while my mother smiled
and said sorry for her plight,
but when unstuck and free to walk,
I decided to take flight.

This was a writing exercise in our Winsford Writing Group. The leader of the session, Elizabeth Horrocks, said to write something using naughty, but not obscene words as children liked that. The above is my effort. We only had 10-15 minutes to write. Why not have a go and put it in a comment here?


Book Review: The Circle by Dave Eggers

This is the story of a powerful international company, who seem to have good intentions. They provide excellent medical care for their staff and talk about the importance of a good work-life balance.

Through the main character, Mae, we are drawn into, ‘The Circle’ and its philosophy. Is the company gradually taking over everyone’s lives or is it genuinely trying to provide a healthier and safer environment?

This book will challenge you to think about privacy issues. How much information do you give away for free online and how will that information be used in the future?
It will make you aware of how many times you check if your post is liked or shared on social media.

The campus of The Circle is cleverly drawn and I could picture it clearly. The plot is creepy, because although it’s about the future, you will recognise some of technology is already in use and all of it is just a step away.

I have to be honest that I didn’t like or empathise with most of the characters in the book, which was a disappointment, however it’s a good story, well told and a page turner.

Do I recommend this book? Most certainly.

Will I read more from this author? Most probably – after I’ve recovered. 😉

You can buy The Circle on Amazon Kindle for £5.99. It is published by Hamish Hamilton.
Other books by this author are:
A Hologram for the King
What is the What?
You Shall Know Our Velocity.

Please let me know if this review is helpful. Your opinion matters. (Creepy)
How many likes and frowns have you sent today?

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