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Thanks for visiting this site. I hope you enjoy the writing here. There are stories, poems and reviews.

What you’ll find on this website are often first drafts and I’d be happy to receive your comments. One of the pages contains the first chapter of my children’s book, The Green Book. You can get a hard copy from Amazon (including kindle) or Lulu. I have revised the cover because I wasn’t quite happy with it, so if you’ve already bought it, I haven’t changed the content. The story is suitable for children from about 4 – 11. It’s about a magic book that helps Alana through the trials of everyday life. You get to know her family and friends. There are twelve short stories that make up the novel and it’s suitable to ‘share read’ with reluctant readers. The next in the series, ‘Tiny Tyrannosaurus‘ is now published and is available from Amazon (inc Kindle) and Lulu. Again the first chapter is included in one of my pages.

If you’re interested in poetry I’ve just published, ‘Nature’s Gold‘. Many of the poems celebrate the beauty of our world, but there is also a mixture of humorous and serious (but not heavy) poetry. It’s written to be accessible to everyone. I hope you enjoy it. Poetry is a particular passion of mine.

The Mermaid is also available from good bookshops and the above online retailers. It’s a book of short stories, which I hope you enjoy.

It doesn’t seem fair that if you’ve bought the book you should have to pay to read it on your kindle, so I’ve made my books free on kindle if you’ve purchased the paperback book.

Do get in contact with your feedback. I’d love to hear from you.

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The writing task was to take a well known story and write it from the point of view of the villain. I chose to skip the part that we’ve all seen at the pictures. This task was given to the writing group by Elizabeth Horrocks. (Winsford Writing Group.) Why not have a go yourself and pop it in the comments.

‘Bloody dogs,’ Cruella spat as she cradled her ankle.
All she’d been doing was carrying home the Sunday joint from the butchers, when the two Dalmatian dogs had attacked. One bit her ankle as the other leapt up and grabbed the meat.
‘I’ll get you, you bloody spotted vermin. If it takes the rest of my life, I’ll get you all and make your smelly hides into a freaking coat.’
Her voice petered out as she watched the two dogs disappear round the corner. She sat on the ground distraught. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t her fault. The fact was the joint was gone. Mother was going to be annoyed but father…
She shuddered. The bruises on her back hadn’t healed yet from last week.


Thirty Years Later

‘Well Ms Deville, now that you’ve been sentenced for dognapping, do you regret your actions?’ asked Doctor White.
‘Of course I do. I got caught. But if I’d had just one more day those rotten little pests would have been a spotted coat and maybe a matching handbag. Why did God give them spots if they weren’t meant to be a fashion accessory?’
‘Now Ms Deville, did you ever think how sad the people would be who lost their dogs?’
‘They shouldn’t be allowed to spoil our planet. Bloody poop machines.’
‘You know there are people for whom their dog is their only friend. Some think of their dogs as their surrogate baby. Can you imagine the distress they feel at losing their dogs?’ said Doctor White.
‘Sad gits,’ said Cruella. ‘They need to get a life.’
‘So, who is in your life Cruella? Who loves you?’
‘No-one and certainly not a bloody dog.’
‘Well I can see we’re not making progress here. Anyway, what I’ve decided would be the best therapy for you, is if you worked in a dog rescue centre and I’ve arranged that for you, starting tomorrow.’
‘You’re joking, right?’
‘Now let me just remind you Cruella that if you want early release, you won’t harm these dogs and you’ll treat them properly.’
‘Oh I’ll do whatever I have to do, but you won’t change my opinion of stinking mutts.’

On the first day of her work experience she was supervised by Sharon. She had to clean the litter trays and change the water in each kennel. Most of the dogs ignored her as she didn’t talk to them or stroke them, but one shaggy white dog, called Moppet, rushed up to greet her.
‘Go away mutt,’ she said as she performed her duties.
For the next few weeks this scenario was repeated, but as time passed Moppet’s greeting became more subdued, until one day she lay on the floor and lifted her head to look at Cruella, looked quizzically and rested her head back down on the floor.
‘What’s up with her?’ Cruella asked Sharon.
‘She’s depressed. Nobody wants her, because she’s not very pretty and although she likes you, she knows you don’t like her. Still there’s nothing we can do about that.’
Sharon walked off to prepare the other dogs’ food.
Cruella looked at Moppet, who had closed her eyes and put a paw across her face. She walked over to her and sat down beside her.
‘I don’t know how Sharon can say you’re not very pretty. I think you’re the best looking dog here.’
Tenderly she stretched out her hand and stroked Moppet. After a few moments Moppet started to nuzzle up to her and soon she laid her head on Cruella’s lap.
Sharon watched from a distance and smiled to herself.
The next day Cruella said to Sharon, ‘When I get out of here, I’ll take Moppet. Will you keep her for me?’
‘I thought you weren’t too keen on dogs.’
‘I’m not, but Moppet’s different.’
‘Well I’ll see what we can do.’
Cruella went over to Moppet’s kennel and she jumped up, wagging her tail.

At their next meeting, Doctor White said, ‘Do you now understand how important a dog can be to someone?’
Cruella bit back a rude comment. She wanted Moppet to come home with her when she left.
‘I suppose I do. I won’t take anyone else’s dog, but I do want Moppet and she wants me.’
‘So I’ve heard,’ said Doctor White.

And so it was that one of the most hard- nosed dognappers can now be seen walking with her dog, Moppet, through the woods early every morning, and if you peeped through her window later in the day, you might see them sharing a sofa and a meat pasty, watching the television.

Read my blog on ATG

Today on ATG, an e-zine that I contribute to, is one of my blogs. If you’ve got a minute, do head over there and leave a comment. The link is here.
The blog is about how many chemicals we put on our skin. I’ve written it to start a discussion.

Mum came to school the other day.
Teacher said that I’d been bad.
I listened to her rant for ages
and mother looked so sad.

But when the teacher tried to stand
I couldn’t help but giggle;
I’d stuck super-glue to her chair
which made her knickers wriggle.

She sat there while my mother smiled
and said sorry for her plight,
but when unstuck and free to walk,
I decided to take flight.

This was a writing exercise in our Winsford Writing Group. The leader of the session, Elizabeth Horrocks, said to write something using naughty, but not obscene words as children liked that. The above is my effort. We only had 10-15 minutes to write. Why not have a go and put it in a comment here?

Nature's Gold Kindle cover

My poetry book, Nature’s Gold, is free on Amazon Kindle from 23 – 26 May 2014 (UK time).
It’s my first book of poetry and includes poems in many styles and about a variety of subjects. Here’s one of my favourites, which was first published on the e-zine All Things Girl. There are about sixty five poems to explore. It works best on device of an ipad mini size or larger. I hope you enjoy it. It’s a bank holiday gift to my readers. ;-) You can download it here.

The Truth Glass

A touch of lipstick on her lips.
Lashes softly darkened black.
She glances in the looking glass;
a pretty woman stares right back.

But the image is misleading, false.
The mirage of a willing mind;
a wishful trick of memory,
but time will make the truth unwind.

Glasses placed before her eyes,
she sees deep wrinkles dance their track.
Checking the mirror one more time
She sees her mother staring back.

TT cover kindle

My children’s book, ‘Tiny Tyrannosaurus’ is available for free on Amazon Kindle from Friday 9 May 2014 until Sunday 11 May inclusive.

This is the second book in the Green Book series and is suitable for primary school age children from say 4-11 years. It is a book where each chapter can be read as an individual story but by reading the whole book you get the complete picture.

The story is about a young boy, Isaac, who discovers a magical toy dinosaur, who can grant him one wish a day. They spend a year together, learning about themselves and growing up, enjoying some exciting experiences along the way.

I hope you will enjoy reading this book to your child or that they enjoy reading it for themselves. If you prefer buy the paperback version it’s £4.99 from here and if you purchase the paperback, you can get the kindle version free under price match.

As always I’d love to hear your comments and welcome honest reviews on Amazon, Lulu and here on this site.

This is the story of a powerful international company, who seem to have good intentions. They provide excellent medical care for their staff and talk about the importance of a good work-life balance.

Through the main character, Mae, we are drawn into, ‘The Circle’ and its philosophy. Is the company gradually taking over everyone’s lives or is it genuinely trying to provide a healthier and safer environment?

This book will challenge you to think about privacy issues. How much information do you give away for free online and how will that information be used in the future?
It will make you aware of how many times you check if your post is liked or shared on social media.

The campus of The Circle is cleverly drawn and I could picture it clearly. The plot is creepy, because although it’s about the future, you will recognise some of technology is already in use and all of it is just a step away.

I have to be honest that I didn’t like or empathise with most of the characters in the book, which was a disappointment, however it’s a good story, well told and a page turner.

Do I recommend this book? Most certainly.

Will I read more from this author? Most probably – after I’ve recovered. ;-)

You can buy The Circle on Amazon Kindle for £5.99. It is published by Hamish Hamilton.
Other books by this author are:
A Hologram for the King
What is the What?
You Shall Know Our Velocity.

Please let me know if this review is helpful. Your opinion matters. (Creepy)
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