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These children’s chapter books are great for bedtime stories, assemblies in school, or for journeys. Each chapter contains a mini story within the bigger story and in this series there is a touch of magic, to make the reading fun for readers.

Why not download them onto your child’s e-reader or treat them to the paperback version.

The Green Book

Tiny Tyrannosaurus

Pablo the storytelling bear

Here’s the first chapter of Pablo the storytelling bear.

Bill’s Gift

Bill wanted to play football but the day was too hot. His grandparents had bought him a cuddly toy for his birthday, but he’d been hoping for a goalie outfit. Pablo, the fluffy white polar bear, was cute but Bill was seven years old.

He wasn’t too upset though, because there was a massive chocolate birthday cake for tea.

At bedtime he climbed up to his bed to discover the little polar bear already tucked in, but what he hadn’t expected was that the bear was snoring.

Bill backed away and looked all round his room. He suspected Emily, his sister, was hiding somewhere and playing a trick on him.

‘Are you in bed yet, Bill?’ called his dad.

‘Yes, almost,’ said Bill.

He picked up the little bear and moved him over to one side so that he could get into bed. By the time his dad came to kiss him goodnight he was snuggled down. Once the door had closed again, he heard a voice.

‘You woke me up,’ said the little bear. ‘I was having such a lovely dream’.

Bill sat up. ‘You talk?’

‘Of course, I talk.’

‘Well, most bears don’t talk and most toys don’t, so how do you?’

‘It’s a long story. You see I was once in the family of a little girl, called Jenny, who was very ill. She couldn’t do much. She would lay in her bed day after day, with just me for company. She was so bored and so unhappy and that’s when it happened.’

‘What happened?’

‘Gertrude Hermione Humbug happened. She just appeared like magic. Jenny had fallen asleep, but I was wide awake and I said to the little lady that there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t talk at that time, but she read my thoughts. I told her how awful it was when someone was left lying in bed, sometimes in pain, with nothing to do. She agreed and said something must be done. I asked if she was going to cure Jenny and she said she’d have to work on that, but in the meantime, she’d give me a gift.’

‘What was it? I wanted a goalie outfit for my birthday.’

‘Well, that wouldn’t have helped Jenny much, would it?’

‘I suppose not.’

‘What she gave me was a head full of stories. Of course, I couldn’t tell Jenny the stories without being able to talk, so really, I had two gifts.’

‘That’s wonderful,’ said Bill, ‘and did she like your stories?’

‘She loved them and they made her feel so much better. After several months she was up and about again. I was so happy.’

‘So why aren’t you with her now?’

‘You do ask a lot of questions, don’t you?’

‘That’s my job. I’m a child,’ said Bill and the little bear laughed.

‘I was so happy she was well again. I really was. At first, she took me with her. Then sometimes she forgot, until eventually I slipped down the side of her bed and she never thought about me. Then her mother cleaned her room and took me to a car boot sale.’

‘That’s terrible,’ said Bill. ‘Still, you wouldn’t be with me now if she hadn’t done that.’

‘True. I just hope Gertrude Hermione Humbug doesn’t come and take my gifts away.’


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  1. I love the bit where he finds the bear snoring!

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