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The English Sombrero by Doug Goddard and Anthony Randall

The English SombreroThe English Sombrero by Doug Goddard and Anthony Randall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The English Sombrero by Doug Goddard and Anthony Randall

This is the story of a self-absorbed, twenty six stone man, who ignores his wife’s concerns about his health, but takes on a £250,000 bet with a stranger to run a half marathon in the following year.
He has to give up smoking, lose half his body weight and achieve the marathon in less than an hour and a half. I feel at this point I should write, ‘Don’t try this at home’. Don Simmons, the main character, however has help in the form of advice about his diet, a personal trainer and has a doctor on hand, once he starts the running training. He also takes a year off work, moves to Spain and leaves his three children at home with his wife, who unbelievably just carries on adoring him.
There are some pretty far-fetched events that happen on his journey but I won’t tell you about them in case I give too much away. Nevertheless this is a well written and compelling tale and the reader does come to care whether or not Don will be successful.
I’m happy to recommend this book which will give you a light-hearted and enjoyable read. I particularly like the title.

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