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Frank Parker’s interview with Penny Luker

I was so pleased to be invited for a chat with Frank Parker, The author of ‘Summer Day’, which I recently reviewed on this site. You can see the review in a blog post below. He has also written: Honest Hearts, Strongbow’s Wife, Transgression and A Purgatory of Misery.

His chat with me is called, ‘A date with Penny Luker’ and you can read it on Frank Parker’s website here.

If you visit his website you can read his dates with other authors, as well as lots of information about other books and historical themed blog posts. Well worth a visit.


Review: Summer Day by Frank Parker

This is my five star review of Summer Day.

Summer Day is a charming tale of a rural community, focusing on a family who have many trials to deal with in post war Britain. The strength of this book is that it is full of rounded, believable characters, who draw you in to their world. Henry is a boy with a different view of the world than his father, which leads to an accident and misunderstanding. He takes himself off with his beloved dog Bess and the drama proceeds from there. There are multiple viewpoints, which could be confusing, but are not, due to the skill of the author. Add to this mixture a wonderful sense of place. You really feel as if you know the area by the end of the book. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this.

£7.42 for paperback and £2.40 for Amazon Kindle

$10.49 for paperback and $3.37 for Amazon Kindle

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