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Pablo the Storytelling Bear FREE 7 April 2018

Pablo the storytelling bear is free in ebook format tomorrow, 7 April 2018, for one day only. It’s always free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited and the paperback version is £5. You can download here.

Read what one reviewer thought.
5.0 out of 5 stars

It’s what sister’s do!
By Sarah Stuart on 18 March 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Bill came alive instantly with the snoring bear. Of course, he would suspect his sister of hiding to play a trick on him. It’s what sisters do! The two youngsters in my life are brother and sister, and he recognised her in Emily and read on with great glee. She started reading to object to this idea and became so hooked into the stories she forgot her motive and enjoyed them.

Schools tend to buy books with that include “lessons”: racial tolerance and equality for example – that come over as boring lectures. Pablo the Storytelling Bear’s messages that validate good manners and behaviour are subtle, and therefore effective.

The subject of endangered species is close to my heart, and I was delighted to find The Enormous Bear Rescue, which describes how they are protected even when they invade towns and represent danger, and the stories follow on with Bill asking his bear how he could help.

Many thanks to Sarah Stuart for the lovely review.


Pablo the storytelling bear – Brand new children’s book

Bill loves polar bears and receives a small fluffy bear for his birthday. At first he is a little underwhelmed, until he realizes that his little bear, Pablo, has been given the gift of storytelling. Pablo tells him stories about The Enormous Bear, who lives in the wild, and Minty, a cub, who lives in a zoo. Add a touch of magic to the mix and stir.

This is an ideal book to read to a child over Christmas, or let them read it themselves. It contains seven short stories and a few little pictures (black and white).

The ebook is only £0.99 from Amazon UK or $1.33 from

It’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The paperback is available from Lulu for £4.50 (plus p&p). Available from other bookshops shortly.

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