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Good News

The Open University have said that I qualify for the Diploma in Literacy and Creative Writing and that I can add Dip LCW (Open) after my name. I have to say I’m thrilled that my studies have led to a qualification in writing which I should receive in November.

The diploma is the result of studying the A215 and A363 courses with the Open University. This qualification is not continuing for future years. I can recommend both courses.

Happy 2012

I hope you have had a good holiday and are all set for the new year. I am still busy with my Open University Course, A363. The latest assignment has been to adapt one of our short stories into a radio script, screen play or stage play. I’ve chosen to turn mine into a stage play. Although I have been well out of my comfort zone, I’ve enjoyed having a go.

This year I hope to continue writing short stories and poetry but I want to find time to continue with my novel. I’ve had to put it on hold at the moment. I’m going to try using a diary to plan time to write and try to stick to it.

I’m also hoping to find time to enter some competitions, but I may have to aim for those at the end of the year, when the course is finished.

The other ‘writing’ thing I hope to continue to do is writing for the e-zine All Things Girl. Each quarter there is a new edition, with an update half way through. The theme for the first quarter is ‘Jump’ and it’s due out any day now. Check it out at

I look forward to sharing my writing with you during 2012 and reading your comments. Do keep in touch!

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