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Book Review: One Night in the Hill Country by Felipe Adan Lerma

One Night in the Hill CountryOne Night in the Hill Country by Felipe Adan Lerma
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a quick read as it is a novella and yet it covers some important social issues, such as child abuse and discrimination against immigrants.
Sam, a recently ex-police officer, is called by Katarina because her son Zilker has lost a kitten. Although Sam knows there’s little chance of finding the kitten, she offers to take Zilker and his brother to Central Texas to search for it, and she ends up taking their two cousins as well.
It is a pleasant day out and the party bump into Sheriff Mike Sullivan, who is relevant later on in the story. Continuing with their search for the kitten, Sam and the children visit Rolf and Tara’s vineyard, but all is not what it should be and they are in great danger.
This story is well told and the author has a confident ‘voice’. The characters and places are clearly drawn and some of the events make you hold your breath.
One Night in the Hill Country is an excellent book and I recommend it as a ‘must read’.

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