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The Mermaid is FREE

The Mermaid is free from 7 to 11 April on Amazon Kindle. This is a book of short stories for adults, recently revised. If you’d like some reading material for your coffee break, that will transport you to different places and situations, this is the book for you. Why not download it now and read it when you have some time?

Here’s one of the reviews from Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars A box of nibbles of human goodness

By Felipe Adan Lermaon 29 January 2015
Format: Kindle Edition

The Mermaid is a wide ranging diverse group of well written shorts with two things in common.

One, each story, whether essentially flash fiction or a fully fleshed tale, is about relationships. How essential our desires for or our involvement in relationship are. Whether as a man to a woman, a woman to a man, a child to an adult, or even from an animal to a person. This short book is dense with the possibilities.

Second, directly or indirectly, each story carries the weight of the belief in human kindness and good.

Sometimes that weight is is heavily unearthed by caring inspectors catching a serial killer. Other times the separation is but gauze glittering between two searching hearts. Always, its reminder for me was, human goodness exists, and manifests more often than sometimes thought possible.

The varied stories can be read in one sitting. Or sipped and gulped, like I did, like essential nutrition for my soul.

Lovely work.

Not a term I easily or normally use. But totally accurate of my reading experience of almost all these stories by Ms. Luker. Recommend without reservation.

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