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The Green Book and Tiny Tyrannosaurus (ebooks) are free 9-11 March 2018. These stories are about Alana and Isaac and how magic comes into their lives and makes them see things differently. They are great stories for bedtime or assemblies. Each chapter tells a new adventure. Children love reading these books and adults enjoy reading them to their family.
Why not download NOW!


FREE Pablo the Storytelling Bear

Pablo the Storytelling Bear (ebook) is free for one day only, today 8 March 2018. It is the story of a magical toy polar bear, who tells stories about Minty, a polar bear that lives in a zoo, and The Enormous Bear, who lives in the wild.
These are great stories to raise awareness about the plight of polar bears, but with a touch of added magic. Why not download now!

FREE Children’s e-book until Christmas

These two children’s books are free until Christmas. The Green Book tells the story of Alana who gets a magic book for her birthday. Each chapter tells a story but combined they tell a longer story. Tiny Tyrannosaurus is a magic toy that Isaac receives for his birthday. This is another chapterbook. Ideal for children under eleven.

Free children’s books this weekend

If your child likes tales of magic, these are the books for you. Both ebooks, The Green Book and Tiny Tyrannosaurus are free this weekend, 9 and 10 September 2017. They are chapterbooks, so each chapter tells a story, while the complete books hold a wider story.

These books are free on kindle unlimited all the time. If you want to buy the paperback, The Green Book is £4.50 and Tiny Tyrannosaurus is £4.99. You can find a link here.

The Green Book costs $5.58 for the paperback and Tiny Tyrannosaurus is $5.73. You can find the link here.

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