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Message to the EU and Britain


We are where we are!

I am not a political animal, just an ordinary citizen of Britain and the EU. This article is my opinion and therefore naturally biased. I feel part of the EU and I live in Europe. Nevertheless by a democratic process Britain decided to leave the EU on 23 June 2016. I was shocked and saddened by this decision but there is nothing to be done about it.

As an ordinary member of the public I am bound to say that I was disgusted by the campaign on both sides. The leave side lied and misled us with statistics which were untrue. Some parts of the leave campaign stoked up racial hatred by implying that leave would bring us control of our borders, which in my opinion is unlikely to happen. The remain campaign bullied us with threats of austerity (which may happen) and spoke down to us as if we were unintelligent children.

What we needed were facts. Where facts were not possible we needed predictions that were clear as predictions. We needed reasoned argument and not the hysterical shouting that was forced upon us.

To the EU, when Cameron came to try and get a better deal for Britain, you gave him virtually nothing. He had nothing to put on the table to persuade Britain that we should remain. As a net contributor to the EU budget it would have been better to give him something than to lose us. We know that this will be a messy divorce but you should also take some responsibility.

In the name of democracy, which most of us believe in, the British people must now leave the EU.

To the EU, you can make an example of us, so that you persuade other countries not to leave. I ask you not to do this. We are still your allies. We will still stand beside you if there is war. We are fighting the same battle to save our environment. Our people include talented scientists, who want to collaborate with your scientists.

To the British Government, don’t rubbish what the EU has achieved for Britain over the last decades. It has been a leader in human rights and protector of the environment. We are a better country for having worked within Europe. Europe is our neighbour. Even out of the EU we need it to be a success. It is true that we can trade elsewhere but we want to trade with Europe. We are a multi-cultural nation so let’s continue to welcome our fellow Europeans who come here to work and hope they will reciprocate.

To the people of Britain, we must actively show that the immigrants who have chosen to live and work in our country are welcome. We must stand against racism in all its forms. We are all humans together, trying to do the best for our families.

It is in our interest for the EU to remain successful. It is in their interest that we are. Let us all work together to bring peace and prosperity to the continent of Europe.

We are where we are. Let’s not make it a disaster.

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