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Book Review: Trouble in Paradise by Alan Hughes

Trouble in Paradise: or When God Got Really MadTrouble in Paradise: or When God Got Really Mad by Alan Hughes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

God had been away for 2000 years building galaxies, meanwhile humans had been up to all sorts of things on Earth. There are even protestors outside the pearly gates.
When God returns he’s determined to punish the human race and sends Jesus down to Earth to implement Armageddon.
This is an irreverent story about Christianity, told cleverly and with gentle humour. There are little touches that will make you smile, such as Jesus reading an M & S catalogue to get the right image for his return to Earth.
This is not a full sized novel, more a long story, but the author manages to pack in a good tale into a small space. There are thirty bite-sized chapters that move the story on in a snappy pace.
I like the way the author has used the sub title to inform the reader what the story is about, so that anyone who might be offended can choose not to read.
I would recommend this humorous story and look forward to reading more from this author

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