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Book Review: A Seaside Mourning by John Bainbridge

A Seaside Mourning: An Inspector Abbs Mystery is a book set in Victorian Britain and is a classic ‘whodunit’. The setting is the seaside town of Seaborough, which is brought to life with the sounds and smells of the place, together with how it’s being developed.

The victim is Miss Chorley from Tower House, a sanctimonious spinster who does good works.

The suspects range from the ladies of Seaborough, to a maid who was recently dismissed. In fact like every good crime thriller there are many with a motive to murder.

Inspector Abbs and his side-kick, Sergeant Reeves have to sift through the alibis and evidence, but before they find the killer another murder occurs.

I really enjoyed this book and was drawn back in time to days before the mobile phone.
The quality of writing is excellent and I will certainly read more from this author.


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