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Free e-books 24-28 March 2021

The Truth Finder

The Truth Finder and The Visualizer are stories from the fifth millennium, after Earth has destroyed itself with nuclear wars and pollution. Only a few people survived. Gradually, over decades numbers grew, but much of the land was uninhabitable.

The Truth Finder can read minds and this is a mixed blessing. People want to exploit him but he must find his own path to happiness.

The Visualizer can visualize different environments. As she is such a powerful visualizer she can change form. Like the truthfinder, she is in danger of being captured. She is quick thinking and finds her way out of many a difficult situation.

Both ebooks are free from 24-28 March 2021, so why not download them and read when you have a spare moment.

Reviews are always welcome.

The Visualizer

Download The Truth Finder here.

Download The Visualizer here.

Lots of free ebooks

Here’s some free children’s ebooks for you from 10 -14 March 2021. Hope your children enjoy. They make excellent bedtime stories. Picnic in the Park is free from 8-10 March.

For adults these short stories are free on 10-14 March as ebooks. Hope you enjoy.

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