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Tom Benson is running this new website where a lot of ebooks are listed for a mere 99p or equivalent. Check it out here.

All authors submitting their titles to this site are doing so with a view to reducing the expenditure of readers during the current international pandemic; (Coronavirus) Covid 19

At present, the intention is to maintain the site and all books at 99p/99c until at least 1st July 2020. Dependent on the situation it may continue beyond that date.

Many of the 99p/99c titles on this site may be available free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited if you are a subscriber.

This site will undergo continual amendment until the Admin feel it is user-friendly for visitors. Some titles may now be at the new price.

The books will be shown in a gallery to the left of the main page … All Titles.

Useful links and links to the author websites will be supplied on the right of the screen. Authors are also listed on the main menu.

The titles will continue to be linked to their Amazon page as we progress with the website. You may browse the books in the main All Titles list or try the individual genres.

If you are an author with the IASD and would like to become a part of this venture, please get in touch using the Contact form.

Thank you for your patience.

Tom Benson

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