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All my children’s ebooks are free on 28-29 March. If you’re in the middle of reading another book with your child why not download these and save them for later?

Desdemona the dragon without any friends is a charming children’s picture book to read to a younger child. Desdemona is looking for friendship and she learns that friends don’t have to look like you.

My other children’s books are chapter books. Each chapter can be read as an individual story and they make up a longer story. These are ideal for children to read themselves or to share with their favourite adult.

The Green Book is the story of Alana, who discovers a magic book. Alana has many adventures with her friends and the magic book. She learns ways to solve problems whilst having loads of fun.

Promotion children stories

Tiny Tyrannosaurus tells about Isaac’s life with a magical tiny tyrannosaurus. They have many adventures and learn about staying safe and not being greedy, among other things.

Pablo the storytelling bear is my latest children’s book and tells the stories of two polar bears. One is in captivity, but has some magical adventures and the other is free and struggles to survive. This is certainly an opportunity to help children learn about our fragile Earth and how animals can become extinct, but it is a fun book to read.


Promotion poetry
Nature’s Gold and Autumn Gold are collections of poetry on varied subject matter. Shadows of Love has LOVE as the theme but it’s not all mushy love!

Nature’s Gold

Autumn Gold

The Shadows of Love

Short Stories

Promotion short stories
These two books of short stories will entertain with quick reads.

The Mermaid

Pebble on the Beach


Remember all my books are free on on Amazon’s kindle unlimited all the time.

When this offer is over all my ebooks have been reduced to 99 pence or equivalent for the next few months.
Hope you find something to enjoy.

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