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FREE BOOKS – Last few hours

The Truthfinder and The Visualizer are free for a few more hours. If you haven’t read these books, why not downoad them now.

As ever, all my books are free on Kindle Unlimited. I hope you can find something to enjoy.

Free Books 10-12 January 2020

All my ebooks are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited all the time but if you don’t have that, The Truth Finder and The Visualizer are free from Friday 10 January to Sunday 12 January 2020.
Both books are about life on Earth in the fifth millennium, where some people have special gifts. Life for those people is especially hazardous as greedy people are out to exploit those with gifts. Add to this, that Earth has been damamged by nuclear war and much of the land is contaminated, so human life is in a precarious balance, but still there are battles to be fought.

I’m hoping to release the final book in the trilogy this year, called The Healer and here’s a sneaky peak at the cover.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!

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