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The Shadows of Love

He didn’t care about the election,
nor if the EU felt rejection.
He didn’t long for leafy lanes
or cottages with lead window frames.

He loved uneven cobbled streets
and factories’ grey smoke and heat.
He loved his comfy, battered hat,
and his black wellies, more than that.

But most of all he loved his grandson,
of which he had no more than one.
He made him laugh with many jokes,
and smiled each time the dear child spoke.

He was a plain, no nonsense man;
a strictly stout and meat pie fan.
But most of all he loved this boy,
who brought to his life, untold joy.

This poem is from my new book of poetry, The Shadows of Love.
All my books are free on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. It’s £1.99 on Kindle UK and $2.56 on Kindle US. The paperback is £4.50 +P+P from Lulu and will be available from other bookstores very soon.

Here’s a review of the book.
Sarah Stuart
5.0 out of 5 stars – A joy to read – a book to treasure!
27 September 2018
Verified Purchase
The title poem seized my attention. It’s misleadingly simple but deep and, sure enough, A Large Feathered Hat demonstrates the flip side of love: hate.

A Mother’s Love has an ending that shocks with its truth – Christmas with Mother is hilarious; we’ve all met this lady whether she was our mother or not!

Swallows is a one-sentence poem. I read it twice, and it really is, demonstrating Ms Luker’s incredible talent for expressing love in so many diverse styles, not just another slant on the subject or in different words. The mix of focus surprises from page to page – love of books, flowers, a coffee flask, pills – mixed views on those!

My absolute favourite is Godmother, which opens with this line. “Shall I compare thee to a winter’s night?” Unexpected – once again, tails to love’s winning heads.

I hope you enjoyed the poem, Grandpa.

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