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The Shadows of Love

If you enjoy poetry, why not pick up this little volume of poetry that explores the different forms of love. It’s not about mushy love poems. Here’s a handy link.

If you like my poetry you can grab more here. My other two books are anthologies of a variety of subjects.

Nature’s Gold

Autumn Gold

The Shadows of Love

A remembered kiss;
the touch of your hands,
through the distance of time,
in faraway lands.

The songs that you sang,
of love everlasting,
now are poignant, untrue
as our feelings are passing.

And all that we knew
of a love that was strong,
we threw to the sky.
Now I think we were wrong,

to pass by a friendship,
and a passion like fire;
then I remember betrayal
and that you are a liar.

Yet sometimes I wander
through the winter of time
with the shadows of love
and still wish you were mine.


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