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Five Star Review
Richard is unlucky in love. Although good looking and intelligent, he seems to attract women, who only want him for money or to use him. Ben, a Jack Russell, is a stray that Richard rescues. He is an appealling and loyal dog, who has learnt to trust Richard and even goes to work with him. Then one day Naomi, Richard’s ex-wife turns up on his doorstep, with Maria, the daughter he never knew he had, but is she actually his daughter? It doesn’t matter to Richard. He takes her in and does everything he can to build her confidence. This is a character led story and the characters of Richard, Maria and especially Ben, are likeable and well written. Most, but not all, of Richard’s love interests are really dispicable women, each with their own selfish need. As Richard and Maria negotiate their way through these sometimes traumatic encounters, will Richard eventually find love? If you like well-written romance, you’ll love this book.

Three Against The World is available from Amazon for £6.50 in paperback, £1.99 on Kindle and is free on Kindle Unlimited here.

Comments on: "Book Review – Three Against the World: A Waif, a Stray and the Search for Romance – Sarah Stuart" (5)

  1. Great review, Penny. I said pretty much the same thing when I reviewed the book recently. The story lives up to the promise of the jacket blurb. 🙂

  2. Sarah Stuart said:

    Thank you for featuring Three Against the World on your blog, Penny.
    I’m crossing my fingers in case the fates decide a 13th review on Friday the 13th…
    Don’t think about it, Sarah. You’re not superstitious!

  3. Fingers on one hand uncrossed. It’s still my 13th review on Amazon Com.
    13 + 8 (UK) + 1 (Canada) = 22. Phew!

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