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Message to the EU and Britain


We are where we are!

I am not a political animal, just an ordinary citizen of Britain and the EU. This article is my opinion and therefore naturally biased. I feel part of the EU and I live in Europe. Nevertheless by a democratic process Britain decided to leave the EU on 23 June 2016. I was shocked and saddened by this decision but there is nothing to be done about it.

As an ordinary member of the public I am bound to say that I was disgusted by the campaign on both sides. The leave side lied and misled us with statistics which were untrue. Some parts of the leave campaign stoked up racial hatred by implying that leave would bring us control of our borders, which in my opinion is unlikely to happen. The remain campaign bullied us with threats of austerity (which may happen) and spoke down to us as if we were unintelligent children.

What we needed were facts. Where facts were not possible we needed predictions that were clear as predictions. We needed reasoned argument and not the hysterical shouting that was forced upon us.

To the EU, when Cameron came to try and get a better deal for Britain, you gave him virtually nothing. He had nothing to put on the table to persuade Britain that we should remain. As a net contributor to the EU budget it would have been better to give him something than to lose us. We know that this will be a messy divorce but you should also take some responsibility.

In the name of democracy, which most of us believe in, the British people must now leave the EU.

To the EU, you can make an example of us, so that you persuade other countries not to leave. I ask you not to do this. We are still your allies. We will still stand beside you if there is war. We are fighting the same battle to save our environment. Our people include talented scientists, who want to collaborate with your scientists.

To the British Government, don’t rubbish what the EU has achieved for Britain over the last decades. It has been a leader in human rights and protector of the environment. We are a better country for having worked within Europe. Europe is our neighbour. Even out of the EU we need it to be a success. It is true that we can trade elsewhere but we want to trade with Europe. We are a multi-cultural nation so let’s continue to welcome our fellow Europeans who come here to work and hope they will reciprocate.

To the people of Britain, we must actively show that the immigrants who have chosen to live and work in our country are welcome. We must stand against racism in all its forms. We are all humans together, trying to do the best for our families.

It is in our interest for the EU to remain successful. It is in their interest that we are. Let us all work together to bring peace and prosperity to the continent of Europe.

We are where we are. Let’s not make it a disaster.

The Truth Finder – Free this weekend

The Truth Finder front kindle

The ebook, The Truth Finder is free until 21 June 2016. Why not download now and read when you have a moment?

Price for paperback $9.15 or £6.99

Review from Maria (Thank you Maria) on Amazon UK

5.0 out of 5 Truth Finder.
ByMariaon 12 March 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
4.5 rounded to 5.
I really enjoyed this YA fantasy. I thought the tone and writing was perfect for the age group targeted, it was a great story with interesting characters.
I especially liked that although it was set in the future and there had been disastrous wars making areas of earth inhabitable, it was not too bleak with people living as savages, like many other books in this genre. Humanity and civilisation survives. There are schools and employment in the new cities and the farmers work with scientists to increase yields on the land that can still be farmed. There are tyrants but people try to get on with everyday life.
A lot of thought went into creating this “future” world and events appeared logical within it. There were a couple of little touches I particularly liked, especially as they were referred to without over labouring the point –
The ‘visualisers’ were forced by the government to create the illusion that the city was far smarter than it was and to hide the derelict, run down buildings.
Most people thought the ‘life device’ they wore was a good thing as it did things like detect illnesses early on. A few thought they went against civil liberties.
The central character, Vrail was believable and likeable as he struggled with his gift of being a truth finder and works out the best way to use his power for good. He was a loyal,brave and thoughtful character with a supportive group of friends.
The writing is straightforward with clarity. The story is entertaining and complete but also introduces a range of characters, giving the author plenty of scope to make this into a series.
An enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series being released.

The Truth Finder – Free book

All my ebooks are free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited all the time but from 16 – 20 June the ebook version of The Truth Finder will be free to everyone.
The Truth Finder is a young adult novel about the fifth millennium. Vrail can read people’s thoughts, which sounds like fun, but it is a double edged sword.The Truth Finder front kindle

You can buy it here from the UK and here from the USA.

Here’s a review from Amazon that may be of interest.

5.0 out of 5 starsRead minds at your own peril
By Eric Lahti on March 18, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Penny Luker’s The Truth Finder is a YA story about a young man far in the Earth’s future who can read minds and communicate telepathically. In this world there are others with similar gifts such as the ability to create mirages of sorts. Throw in a pinch of political intrigue, a shot of coming-of-age story, and a dash of magical swans and you have a very rich YA story that avoids the traditional pitfalls of talking down to its audience. Our protagonist, Vrail, is not out to save the world from the shadowy forces of danger. He’s not the most powerful person in the world. He’s, arguably, not even the most powerful person in his village. And that right there is a powerful way to tell a story; rather than making the main character so amazing that he becomes a charicature or something to strive for but never attain, Luker tells us a story that we can fit ourselves into. It has a lot of moving parts – coming-of-age, political intrigue, hints of things that started normal but became magical – but Penny pulls it most of the way together.

I say most of the way because there are some dangling threads left at the end. The primary story is told, but bear in mind the subtitle of the book Future Earth Book 1. It simply wouldn’t be proper to finish everything at the end of this. Besides, if the whole story was told there’d be no reason for a sequel and I’d personally like to see more of the story. Here’s to looking forward to Future Earth Book 2.


Undeniable Love

undeniable love poster

11-12 June 2016 Free Poetry Books


This Saturday on 11 to 12 June my poetry books, Autumn Gold and Nature’s Gold are free on Amazon Kindle. If you love poetry on many topics and in a variety of formats please download these books for free, this weekend. I hope you enjoy them.

Nature’s Gold Link for Amazon USA
Autumn Gold Link for Amazon USA
Nature’s Gold Link for Amazon UK
Autumn Gold Link for Amazon UK

Both books are also available in paperback.

Heavenly Scent

There on her dressing table,
hidden in the clutter,
lay the spherical perfume bottle,
dully shimmering under the dust.
Holding it close, she wafted before me.
Although gone, she lingers here in my mind.
Flowery, gentle and always there,
present in every room,
bringing meaning,
showing kindness,
giving love to a lonely child.
They squabble now over her riches,
as I slip her under my coat
next to my heart
and take her safely home

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