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Free Poetry Books

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If you enjoy poetry these books are free on amazon kindle for the rest of today, 11 January.

The Truth Finder Free – last few hours

TF Cover

The Truth Finder is free on Amazon Kindle for a few more hours (10 January 2016) . Grab a copy. It’s a young adult novel about Earth in the fifth millennium, where some humans have special powers. Most people might think that a blessing, but being different isn’t always a good thing.

… Grace called his name.
‘Vrail, how are you doing? No don’t answer that. It’s a silly question. Look I need your help.’ She walked up to him. ‘You know I never travel to Mebsuta anymore, well they need a powerful Truth Finder. Now I know you’re grieving but you could be being useful. Do you think you’re up to travelling on your own?’
‘I may be up to the travelling, but I’m sure I can’t be an official Truth Finder, besides they have their own Truth Finders there don’t they?’
‘They have a lot of frauds and people who pass judgements on others by doing what the High Order wants, but what they need is someone who can really read minds. There’s an evil man who’s …

The Truth Finder is free 9 +10 Jan 2015

Vrail front kindle

The Truth Finder is free on Amazon Kindle Sat 9th and Sun 10th January.
This Young Adult Novel, set in the fifth millennium, is about a young man who has the gift of mind reading. Life is full of pitfalls and there are authorities with too much power.
The Truth Finder link.

This is one of the reviews on Amazon Kindle. (Thank you Molly Flanderson.)

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent read

By Molly Flanderson 22 June 2015

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

A wonderful young adult story set in the future. Truthfinders are mind readers and with that come a few perks and a lot of responsibilities. The author has created great characters here but also delves deep into the psychology of mind-reading. Through the futuristic world setting and reflection of our current time as history the author brings a lot of depth into this inspired and entertaining novel. Highly recommended.

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