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Mum came to school the other day.
Teacher said that I’d been bad.
I listened to her rant for ages
and mother looked so sad.

But when the teacher tried to stand
I couldn’t help but giggle;
I’d stuck super-glue to her chair
which made her knickers wriggle.

She sat there while my mother smiled
and said sorry for her plight,
but when unstuck and free to walk,
I decided to take flight.

This was a writing exercise in our Winsford Writing Group. The leader of the session, Elizabeth Horrocks, said to write something using naughty, but not obscene words as children liked that. The above is my effort. We only had 10-15 minutes to write. Why not have a go and put it in a comment here?


Comments on: "The Teacher’s Chair – A poem for children" (4)

  1. Naughty! 🙂

  2. Looks as though that was fun, Penny, you have a great talent for writing for children.

    I need a break from environmental science, so here goes…

    It’s time for us to go and play
    Outside, as we do every day.
    To scream and shout and run about,
    Do ‘Here’s my handle here’s my spout’.

    We skip, we hop, we never stop,
    We play balloons until they pop
    And Mrs. Turner tells us off.
    (Mrs. Turner’s such a toff!).

    And Jonny Kaye who wears pink woollies,
    Who’s always crying ‘cos of bullies
    Turns around and stands his ground
    Then makes an extraordinary sound.


    The bullies run away and hide
    Their mouths and eyes are open wide.
    They met their match with Jonny Kaye
    It’s time for him to come and play.
    Hurray !

    Well, Penny, what did you expect in fifteen minutes !!

    • Phil, I love your poem and it’s got a moral. Brilliant. It’s amazing how writing in a short space of time can be so productive.
      Penny 😉

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