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The main genre that I enjoy reading is crime fiction but in 2011 I began reading fantasy. I started with Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician Trilogy. I couldn’t put them down and felt quite sad when I had finished.

The Ambassador’s Mission continues the story of Black Magician Sonea who lives in Kyralia and introduces us to Lorkin her son. Lorkin becomes Ambassador Dannyl’s assistant in Sachaka, but is he safe there? His parents killed a number of magicians from Sachaka when Kyralia was invaded.

Meanwhile Sonea has been working in Kyralia in the hospices, looking after those who need medical care. She is still part of the Guild but Kyralia magicians don’t trust her because she has black magic. This means she is not allowed to roam free. She must stay within the Guild boundaries and only travel to the hospice.

Outside of the Guild in the city, Cery, Sonea’s friend from the old days, is trying to find who is murdering the thieves. Half of them are dead. There seems to be a Rogue magician hunting them down. Soon his search becomes very personal.

Trudi Canavan’s world of magic continues to be just as fascinating in this trilogy as it was on the last. I couldn’t put, ‘The Ambassador’s Mission’ down and am now reading the Rogue. If you haven’t tried this author yet, you have a treat in store. The only bad thing is that the third book in the trilogy doesn’t seem to have been written yet!
If you’ve read a good book lately why not post it here in the comments.

Comments on: "Book Review: The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan" (2)

  1. I have also discovered Trudi Canavan, her trilogy of the Priestess of the White is also worth a read!

    I recently finished The Rogue and was sad to find out that the third book is not available. The Rogue is an easier read than The Ambassidor’s Mission (if that is possible), and the ending left me wanting to know the end of the whole story.

    I would fully recommend this author, the genre ‘Fantasy’ makes me think of dungeons and dragons but she is nothing at all like that!

  2. Thanks Suzanne. It’s such a shame the third book hasn’t been written yet. I’ve nearly finished the Rogue. Let’s hope Trudi Canavan hurries up with her writing.

    I agree with you about fantasy genre. This is not a dungeons and dragon’s writer.

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