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Death and Life

Death is like a child’s toy.

In the beginning a child is fascinated by it; spends time thinking about it; planning memories and is almost obsessed.

As the years go by the child picks it up infrequently with the fondest of thoughts.

The toy disappears into the bottom of the toybox and is just glimpsed occasionally. Like the mourner, emotions shoot to the surface in a wave, sometimes causing us to hold our breath.

Life is like a three course meal.

Childhood brings a small taste of all the pleasures to come. It brings a promise of what is to follow.

The main course gives the illusion that there’s plenty of time; mountains of wonderful tastes to experience, culminating in the safe knowledge that there’s still more to come.

Autumn days are like a dessert. Endless time with no work and friends and family to see can seem like a treat. But too often such anticipation brings disappointment and then the plate is empty.

This task was to write a list of concrete nouns and then some abstract nouns. Then choose an abstract noun and explain it in terms of some of the concrete ones.


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