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Book Review: Author Mary Westmacott
Absent in the Spring
This book was first published in 1944 and was written by Mary Westmacott, better known as Agatha Christie.
It is the story of a woman stranded for a week in an isolated rest house in the desert. With no-one to talk to, she examines her past and her relationships. This is a journey of self discovery and revelations about her life, but does it help her to make a change in direction? Well I won’t give the game away but the book is well worth a read.

Book Review: M.C.Beaton
Snobbery with Violence.
Many of us are familiar with the Agatha Raisin series and the Hamish Macbeth series; now we have a new Edwardian series, which features Lady Rose Summers and Captain Harry Cathcart. These characters are M.C. Beaton’s flawed but loveable rogues, who have good hearts.
Lady Rose is feisty, beautiful and young and Captain Cathcart is handsome, bright and has a limp. Both are unorthodox and don’t live by society’s rules.
In the setting of an Edwardian house party a guest is murdered. Rose and Harry work uneasily together to find the murderer.

Book Review: M.C.Beaton
Hasty Death
This is the second book in M.C. Beaton’s Edwardian series.
Lady Rose rejects the luxury afforded to her class and with her maid Daisy, goes off to earn her living as a typist. After they are kidnapped and rescued they return to Lady Rose’s parent’s house.
On learning of the death of an acquaintance, who turns out to be a blackmailer Rose joins with Captain Harry Cathcart to investigate.
This is another of M.C. Beaton’s very readable whodunits.

Book Review: M.C. Beaton
Our Lady of Pain
This is the fourth book in the Edwardian series and sees Lady Rose Summer find the rival for her fiancés affections, dead. Captain Harry Cathcart is determined to prove Lady Rose innocent of murder, even though all the evidence is pointing her way.
Their journey to find the truth takes them to France and gives an insight to a different culture and provides and interesting background to the story. The usual characters of Becket and Daisy provide a vivid back story.
Like the other three books in the series this is well worth a read. The feisty character of Rose and the tension between her and Harry provide intrigue; but will there be a happy ending?


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